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1246 is presumably a year in Nosgoth's calendar. It was referred to only in Blood Omen 2, wherein Kain could peruse a signpost in Meridian's Lower City which read "Hill House est. 1246".


Kain bypassed the Hill House signpost in the fourth timeline on his journey towards Sanctuary, after encountering Sebastian and before meeting with Vorador. In this context, "est." is probably used as an abbreviation for "date established", most likely in reference to the hotel-like building adjacent to the sign.[Blood Omen 2/3]

The signpost remains the only source in the Legacy of Kain series to suggest that Nosgoth has a recognized annual calendar and epoch (in other words, a "reference date" or era such as the real-world Anno Domini or Common Era), and is the only source to mention any specific year or date.[Blood Omen][Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver 2][Blood Omen 2][Defiance]

It is not certain how long ago 1246 took place in relation to Blood Omen 2 or any other events, because is it not made clear how old Hill House is by the time Kain encounters it, and thus it is not possible to integrate the year into timelines with the information currently available.[Blood Omen][Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver 2][Blood Omen 2][Defiance]


  • Just as the positioning of the year 1246 is unclear, there is no evidence to clarify when the prospective reference date (year 0) is situated in relation to this system: it cannot be linked to either the corruption or collapse of the Pillars of Nosgoth (which took place long after the timeframe 1246 years prior to the signpost's appearance). It is possible that the epoch begins with the Genesis of the Pillars, but Soul Reaver 2 renders this unlikely by stating that that event took place before Nosgoth's recorded history.[Soul Reaver 2][1][2]
  • Related to the above point, the starting date (year 0) could also be the Human rebellion against the Ancient Vampires and the overtaking of the Pillars , or the establishment of the first Sarafan order (due to the Sarafan becoming the preeminent force in Nosgoth in Post-Blood Omen era of the fourth timeline). It is also possible that the epoch was established long after the initial event, as many real world callendars usually are.
  • The Blood Omen epigraph in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain indicates that "the initiation of a new aeon" is considered to be occurring.[Blood Omen/1] Likewise, upon defeating Raziel just after the collapse of the Pillars in Legacy of Kain: Defiance, the Hylden Lord (who has become the ruler of Meridian by the time of Blood Omen 2) commented that "thus a new epoch has its beginning".[Defiance/12] However, both of these declarations occur within the timeframe 1246 years prior to Blood Omen 2, meaning it is unlikely that they relate to the signpost.[1][2]

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