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"This armor was spawned in the most impure of spirit forges; tempered from the seething agony of tortured souls. The metal exists only partially in the human realm, causing it to fade between tangible and ethereal states."
―Kain — Listen (file info)[src]

The Wraith Armor was an extremely powerful suit of magical armor worn by Kain as a fledgling vampire during the events of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. It seemed to exist simultaneously in both the Material Realm and the Spectral Realm, shifting back and forth between the two.

Where the Wraith Armor was forged and the history of such a powerful artifact is unknown, but it was enshrined within Avernus Cathedral alongside the Soul Reaver for an unknown period of time, forgotten even by legend. It was uncovered and acquired by Kain along with the Reaver as he searched the Cathedral for Azimuth. Azimuth herself was unaware that these two legendary artifacts had been hidden within her Cathedral and attempted to take them from Kain.

When worn, the Wraith Armor divided any damage Kain received equally between his health and magic, the material and the spectral. Strangely, Kain himself made little use of the Wraith Armor despite its power and was known to favor his original Iron Armor. It is unknown what happened to it following the events of Blood Omen.