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Wharves Women, referred to in scripts simply as "Woman",[1] were a Non-Player Character class seen exclusively in Chapter 10:The Wharves of Blood Omen 2 .

The Wharves Women were the first NPC class that Kain encountered in Chapter 10 and Kain had to Charm one of these women to unlock the main gates to enter the Wharves. Thereafter, the women were observed throughout the chapter, particularly in the central marketplace, though they could also be seen around the various outer dock areas[Blood Omen 2].

Unlike other NPC Classes, the unclear title of these women means that their role and position within Sarafan Nosgoth is unclear, though their attire and observations of their actions could suggest a background similar to that of Peasants in earlier levels[Blood Omen 2].


  • The Wharves women are an NPC class seen only in the Wharves, this means they are especially difficult to name as they are only referred to as "Woman" in both scripts[1] and the Prima Guide;[2] a title which has been used for females of other NPC classes, even within this chapter.
  • Debug information labels this NPC class "mrchn", perhaps suggesting they are a female Merchant class (despite fulfilling more of aPeasant role)[Blood Omen 2].


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