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Weapon Power Chests, also known as Vampire Weapon Power-Up Chests [1] or Weapon Boxes,[2] were featured in Blood Omen 2, they increased the power of whichever weapon Kain was holding, until it broke.[2]

Weapon Power Chests were ornately decorated boxes found throughout Meridian (though of a different shape, the decoration was similar to that featured on Lore coffers )[Blood Omen 2]. Kain was able to 'feed' on the Weapon Chests in the same manner as feeding on Blood or Lore Coffers.[1][2] When activated, the box would telekinetically open and an amount of purple energy would join with Kain's currently equipped weapon causing it to glow purple, increasing its attacking power[2][Blood Omen 2]. The enhancement would only last as long as the current weapon did; when the weapon broke, Kain lost the enhancement[2][Blood Omen 2].


  • The origin of the Weapon Power Chests is unclear; unlike Lore coffers, the weapon chests receive no description in dialogue[Blood Omen 2] (only an onscreen prompt), although their decoration and description as "Vampire Weapon Power-Up Chests" in the Blood Omen 2 manual certainly implies a Vampire origin.[1] Like the Lore Coffers, it unsure whether this implies Ancient or later Vampire origin, or why the boxes have simply been left across Meridian by the Sarafan

    Kain using a weapon chest to 'charge' a Broadsword

  • The similar appearance of Lore coffers and Weapon Power Chests may imply a common origin and Umah's description of Lore Coffers could equally apply to the similarly appearing Weapon Power Chests.[3]
  • The Prima Blood Omen 2 Guide refers to the chests simply as "Weapon Boxes", the same term used in the onscreen prompt when Kain encounters the first chest.[2]


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