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The Water Glyph is a glyph ability that Raziel could acquire during Soul Reaver 1


It can be found in the Human Citadel, but only after acquiring swimming and telekinetic force projectiles abilities. The temple is dominated by a large stone statue of a woman with wings, decorative armour and head gear. To get the glyph, Raziel had to drag and push a block to clog a water opening, causing the water level to rise and overflow into the room with the statue. It required 6 points of Eldricth Energy to use. When casting the spell, Raziel created 2 water balls in each hand while raising them above his head which created a wave of water, engulfing all nearby enemy vampires. This Glyph couldn´t be used against any Rahabim vampires or humans.



Soul Reaver Alpha - Glyphs

(by Raina Audron)

In the Soul Reaver alphas the Water Glyph is one of the weaker glyphs compared to being one of the more powerful in the retail. Like in the retail version the Water Glyph altar can be found in the pipes beneath the tower of the Citadel

The Water Glyph is represented on the alpha Ring Menu by a different square icon with three S- shaped 'waves' and an even earlier version of this menu can be seen in video previews. In retail it has a stylized circular 'wave' design with a similar appearance. .

The effect of the Glyph also changes: in the alpha Raziel merely extends his arms producing a blue ring of expanding energy, while in retail he raises his arms individually and 'ignites' the blue expanding ring of energy.

The glyph's magic explodes into the room, creating a watery downpour that causes "acid" type damage to all vampire enemies within a radius of the spell's epicenter. The water glyph spell doesn't kill enemies, but reduces all water-vulnerable vampires within the spell's radius to a damaged state. As with any other damaged state, the enemies will recover to full health after a prescribed amount of time - until then, they're vulnerable to fatal attacks.
―Steve Starvis (Eidos)[1]


This glyph shares its animation with the fire glyph, with a different element used being the only difference.