The Water Glyph is a glyph ability that Raziel could acquire during Soul Reaver 1


It can be found in the City, but only after acquiring swimming and telekinetic force projectiles abilities. The temple is dominated by a large stone statue of a woman with wings, decorative armour and head gear. To get the glyph, Raziel had to drag and push a block to clog a water opening, causing the water level to rise and overflow into the room with the statue. It required 6 points of Eldricth Energy to use. When casting the spell, Raziel created 2 water balls in each hand while raising them above his head which created a wave of water, engulfing all nearby enemy vampires. This Glyph couldn´t be used against any Rahabim vampires or humans.


This glyph shares its animation with the fire glyph, with a different element used being the only difference.



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