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Ward Gates were devices used by the Sarafan to control the movement of Vampires . Kain encountered Ward Gates throughout Blood Omen 2 .

Kain first encountered a Ward Gate in Umah 's tutorial in Chapter 1 : the Slums, where Umah described how active gates would burn a Vampire "as by fire", she also commented that touching a gate would sound an alarm to call Sarafan guards.[1][2] Shortly afterward, attempting to cross a bridge into the Lower City, Umah and Kain were separated when a Glyph Guard was alerted to Umah's presence and turned on the nearby Ward Gate.[3]

Thereafter throughout Blood Omen 2, Ward Gates were utilised by the Sarafan to prevent Vampires moving through Meridian freely and to protect 'sensitive' locations. Kain often had to either deactivate or otherwise maneuver around them . Notably Ward Gates were used to break up the 'main street' in the Lower City and throughout the Sarafan Keep, where they were used in various prisons as well as in the main corridors of the Keep. [Blood Omen 2]


  • Umah states that the Sarafan have raised wards throughout Meridian, but she doesn't mention the rest of Nosgoth.[1] It may be that with the Cabal (and the traitor vampires) based in Meridian, there is little need of them elsewhere.
  • Curiously, some Ward Gates are seen in the Canyons nearby the Seer's Cottage, though it is unclear what their purpose is; Kain is the only Vampire seen around and both the Lesser demons and Humans are apparently immune to ward gate effects[Blood Omen 2]. Whether the Ward Gates would have had any effect on the Seer remains unclear.
  • The Hylden City is noticeably lacking in 'traditional' Glyph magic network applications (including Ward Gates), instead featuring a kind of raw 'Glyph energy' with several instances of green glowing 'liquid' and green glowing symbols and devices apparently providing power. In place of Ward Gates, the Hylden City appears to use a kind of 'Water Forcefield'[Blood Omen 2].
  • In Chapter 11, Vorador calls the Hylden Shield technology a "Ward Barrier",[6] perhaps suggesting that the 'magical shield'[7] protecting the Hylden City was linked to Ward Gates. Prima's Official Blood Omen 2 Guide also suggests this connection, simply calling the shield a "Ward Gate".[8]

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