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"Vasserbünde lay, its glory now stained and faded, a faithful child in the looming shadow of Nupraptor's Retreat."

Vasserbünde is a town in the events of Blood Omen of Nosgoth. It was west of the Lake of the Dead and North of Steinchencröe. It was overshadowed by Nupraptor's Retreat. The waterways of Vasserbünde were fed by the Waterfall on Nupraptor's Retreat and flowed into the Lake of Tears


Kain passed through the town of Vasserbünde in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, from here he could clearly see the nearby Nupraptor's Retreat. The town had apparently once catered for pilgrims visiting Nupraptor, but with few pilgrims returning, and screams drifting from the fortress, the towns inhabitants now viewed Nupraptor as a madman and feared him.

In the gypsy camp south of Vasserbünde, Kain was able to find the Disguise Form.


Vasserbünde was briefly mentioned in the background story to Nosgoth, suggesting that in the events of Soul Reaver the town still stood, while presumably conquered by the vampires at the fall of the Major human kingdoms and held by the vampires since.


Vasserbünde was also home to another long undiscovered secret, that of the Pirate Ship HMCS Bitter ; which was hidden in a secret back entrance to the town's tavern - Capt'n Bitter's Sudz. Given that The Bitter was accessed through a teleporter, the exact location of the Ship remains a mystery.


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