"That's impossible - these foul, scuttling beasts could not be kin of our high blood."

The vampires of the events of Soul Reaver were the generation of vampires created during the rise of Kain's empire, all of whom are descended from Kain himself.


Proceeding the Collapse of the Pillars, Kain spent five centuries as the sole remaining Vampire in Nosgoth before finally discovering a way to create vampires himself: by snaring a Soul and using it to reanimate a corpse. Subsequently, Kain, in an act of ironic blasphemy, broke into the Tomb of the Sarafan and breathed part of his Soul into the corpses of six sanctified Sarafan commanders: in order, Raziel, Turel, Dumah, Rahab, Zephon and Melchiah. Thus, a new generation of vampires was born.

As Kain's vampire "sons" raised their own vampire clans (the Razelim, Turelim, Dumahim, Rahabim, Zephonim and Melchahim), the vampire race quickly repopulated, and within a few centuries, the Humans were "thoroughly domesticated," with a few groups of vampire hunters kept around to entertain and provide some challenge. Kain was soon deified amongst the lesser vampires, with his exploits as a fledgling becoming the stuff of legends while few people in Nosgoth, human or vampire, were aware that he was once human.

However, like their progenitor Kain, all vampires inherited the Corruption of the Pillars, which Kain had had from birth. Thus, over the centuries, all vampires in Nosgoth mutated into various beasts.

Nosgoth (icon)Apocrypha

The background materials for the multiplayer spin-off Nosgoth elaborate on the history of the events of Soul Reaver and vampires of that age, showing that in the wake of Raziel's execution Kain disappeared, abandoning his empire and using the Chronoplast to search for a way to restore the pillars.[NOS][1][2][3]

The resulting power vacuum sparked infighting and mistrust among among the lieutenants and their clans - which devolved into open conflict, the near extermination of the Razielim and ultimately led to a bloody civil war.[NOS][1][2][3]

With the vampires distracted by their own affairs the formerly subjugated humans were allowed the chance to rebuild and rise to present a credible threat to the vampires.A particularly devastating attack awakened the vampires to the renewed threat posed by humanity and the clans reunited in an uneasy alliance aiming to put down the resistance of humanity once and for all in the War for Nosgoth.[NOS][1][2][3]



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