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The Vampires of the era following Blood Omen were the third generation of Nosgoth's Vampires. Preceded by the Ancient vampires and the formerly-Human Vampires sired by them, this generation traced its entire lineage back to Vorador and presumably did not exist before the fourth timeline, which included Vorador's resurrection.


With the Vampire hunting crusades of Vampire hunters in the Pre and events of Blood Omens, the second generation of Vampires was reduced to a single Vampire and apparently eliminated when Vorador was killed at the climax of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, leaving Kain as the last surviving Vampire in Nosgoth . Though Kain held ambitions of ruling Nosgoth, he was as yet unable to raise Vampires himself.[1] This situation changed with the (as yet unexplained) resurrection of Vorador,[2] who allied himself with Kain and agreed to assist in the revival of the Vampire race, personally siring the first of a new race of vampires.[1]

Many of these Vampires would join with Kain's vampire army as it rose and attempted to conquer Nosgoth, clashing with the new Sarafan in the process. After claiming the cities of Ziegsturhl, Provance and Freeport, the Vampire Army was utterly defeated by the Sarafan in a battle outside the city of Meridian, and Kain was left for dead[Blood Omen 2] (Though Vorador did reclaim and hide Kain's unresponsive body[3]). With the victory of the Sarafan a few Vampires pledged themselves to the Sarafan Lord, while the rest of the race was ruthlessly hunted down.

For the next two centuries, under Vorador's command, the remains of the vampires organised into an underground resistance movement, the Cabal, which secretly opposed the Sarafan rule of Nosgoth. The resistance did not appear to fare well against the Sarafan's Glyph magic [4] and by the time of Kain's revival, the Vampire race had once again been reduced to a handful of individuals. After his revival, Kain found and met with the Cabal Vampires in their headquarters at Sanctuary and Kain allied with the Cabal, despite fully intending to follow his own ambitions.

Kain's brazen approach, though risky, uncovered many secrets and resulted in the deaths of many 'traitor' vampires, the recovery of the Nexus Stone, the destruction of the Device and the Hylden Gate and ultimately the death of the Sarafan Lord and Kain's recovery of the Soul Reaver. The Cabal Vampires however largely absent from Kain's final victory[Blood Omen 2]; Kain had killed Umah for her betrayal in the Wharves [5] and of the other Cabal Vampires, only Janos and Vorador (both Vampires of earlier generations) joined the final assault on the Hylden City [Blood Omen 2].

Ultimately the fate of this generation of Vampires remains unclear; its only remaining living representatives at the end of Blood Omen 2 were the five unnamed Cabal Vampires, none of whom joined the attack on the Hylden City[Blood Omen 2]. If Umah's supicions were correct then Kain may have chosen to eliminate this generation of Vampires before raisinghis own;[6] though the possibility remains that they and Vorador survived in some form into Kain's empire.


  • This generation of Vampires presumably did not exist prior to the third paradox, caused at the end of Soul Reaver 2, which facilitated Vorador's resurrection sometime shortly after the collapse of the Pillars of Nosgoth.[2] In prior timelines, the third known generation were the Vampires of the Soul Reaver era, whose progenitor was Kain.[7]
  • Though other vampire generations had unique methods of creating vampires, it is unclear if this is true of this generation of vampires. All that is known about their method is that it takes "time and energy"; though the process is presumably little different to the (similarly unknown) method used by the previous generation of Vampires. Thus their status as a 'new race' is based entirely on their descent from a single patriarch, Vorador.[1]
  • In Blood Omen 2 (produced by a separate team from the rest of the series), a number of concepts related to vampirism were introduced, named or subtly redefined: including "dark gifts" as a term for specific Vampire Abilities;[8] "Lore" as a term for a vampire gaining increased blood capacity from consuming blood;[9] "Absorbing veins" as a means of 'stealing' anothers Dark Gifts (apparently also related to Blood consumption),[10] "Floating" as a means of slowing descent;[11] and "the Whisper" as a form of telepathy.[12] Many of these concepts (with the exception of Floating[13]) have not been seen or referred to as such before or since and it is unclear if these are universal vampire traits (or even the 'proper' vampire names for them) or unique to the Blood Omen 2 era Vampires. Many of these concepts are related to other similar, but differently named concepts throughout the series.
  • The appearance and clothing of the Vampires in Blood Omen 2 was designed to be "otherworldy yet elegant". The clothing style was supposedly dictated by Kain during his rule and was inspired by the "old nobility" of Nosgoth.[14]
  • The relatively young vampires of this generation were all depicted with human-like hands and feet, as opposed to the cloven hooves seen in older vampires (Kain is also depicted in the same way, himself still quite young at this stage)[Blood Omen 2]. Many of the vampires of this generation were mature enough to have begun to develop formidable claws[Blood Omen 2].[15]


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This article is about the generation of Vampires which existed in the post-Blood Omen era, in the fourth timeline; for other Vampire generations, see Vampires.

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