Vampire Hunter Cannoneers were a were a Human 'vampire hunter' enemy class affiliated with Vampire hunters. The Cannoneers were armed with hand cannons and were encountered in the Pre-Blood Omen era at the beginning of Soul Reaver 2.


Vampire Hunter Cannoneers were troops of Moebius's Vampire Hunter faction, encountered by Raziel in the Pre-Blood Omen era of Soul Reaver 2. They wore somewhat ragged brown cloth armor decorated with the symbol of Moebius's Vampire Hunters with a white hood and wielded portable hand-held cannons. Cannoneers would often be confronted along with other Vampire hunter allies[SR2][1].

Cannoneers were the ranged-attacking troops of the Vampire hunter faction; in combat, they kept their distance and used their cannons to fire cannonballs at Raziel from long-range. At close-range they had little combat capability (though they could use their cannons as a melee weapon in close-quarters) and little health with quickly charging them and singling them out being an effective tactic[SR2][2][1].[3]

Raziel first encountered Vampire Hunter Cannoneers in the Pre-Blood Omen era, shortly after he left the Sarafan Stronghold and ventured out into Nosgoth. They would frequently be encountered throughout that era and were later seen nearby the Shrine|Shrine area, in the Swamp, and would be present in the Sarafan Stronghold after Raziel returned from forging the Light Reaver[SR2].


Vampire Hunter Cannoneer preparing for combat


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