Vampire Hunter Mercenaries were human vampire hunter enemies and part of Moebius's Mercenary Army. Encountered primarily by Raziel in Legacy of Kain: Defiance, they were the among the lowest ranked of the Vampire Hunter classes seen in Defiance and were seen predominantly in Raziel's chapters in the Blood Omen era at the Cemetery and Pillars of Nosgoth - although they would also be featured later on in the story in Vorador's Mansion.


Vampire Hunter Mercenaries were female troops of Moebius's Vampire hunter faction, encountered by Raziel in the Blood Omen era at the start of Defiance. The Mercenaries wielded a two-handed two-pronged polearm or long bladed staff and wore clothing that consisted of various mismatched materials including a short blue dress-like layer worn over longer-sleeved green undergarments and topped with leathery brown padding at the shoulders, breasts, forearms, waist and thighs - and with lighter brown greaves and boots on the lower legs. Most of the mercenaries hair was shaved, leaving only a short bun atop the head with a few longer hairs behind. Mercenaries also notably bore a tattoo across one eye.[Defiance][Defiance/4][Defiance/6][Defiance/12][Defiance strategy guide]

Mercenaries were the medium range troops of the Vampire hunter faction in Defiance competent in close-quarters combat although they were also of a relatively low skill level - meaning they were ultimately of lower priority in combat. They were among the first enemies to be encountered by Raziel as he returned to the Material Realm in the Blood Omen era in Find the Path to the Pillars and could later be encountered in the chapters Find the Location of Vorador's Mansion and Battle Kain.[Defiance][Defiance/4][Defiance/6][Defiance/12][Defiance strategy guide]

Like many of the Vampire Hunter classes in Legacy of Kain: Defiance, Mercenaries could be 'enhanced' by the spells of the Vampire hunter sorceresses.[Defiance][Defiance strategy guide][Defiance manual]



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