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News: Another unconfirmed, unconfirmable rumour for you

Take it with a roomful of salt, but half of the internet has exploded with speculation this morning following a wholly-unsubstantiated rumour from "a source" at gaming website VG247 that Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver will soon be receiving a reboot from Crystal Dynamics, replete with new art direction. No mention of returning characters, status in the series continuity, or anything specific at all.

We should probably take the time to recall an apparently-forgotten murmur which emerged about a year ago, when a guy named daverabbit reported something similar. Despite a few other hints which cropped up at the same time to substantiate the idea that a game would be announced at E3 2011, nothing happened and nothing was announced.

Contrary to this ne…

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LoK-Aevum LoK-Aevum 17 July 2013

2009 News Archive

20th Dec 2009: Following in the footsteps of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver is officially released on the PlayStation Network.

23rd Nov 2009: Nosgothic Realm begins an ongoing process of refurbishment.

20th Dec 2009: Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain is officially released on the PlayStation Network, and is made available for download on PlayStation 3 and PSP.

14th Aug 2009: Detailed visual studies on the cartography of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain and Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, by Shrykull, are uploaded to Nosgothic Realm, finally resulting in a highly-accurate map of Kain's Fallen Empire.

26th Apr 2009: Square Enix purchases and acquires Eidos Interactive, but assures fans that they "will not interfere" with the publisher.

26th Feb 2009…

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LoK-Aevum LoK-Aevum 17 July 2013

Amy Hennig discusses Soul Reaver

Ardeth Silvereni, the creator of our ever-superlative fellow fansite, Dark Chronicle, notified the community that the PlayStation Blog has a new interview with Amy Hennig concerning Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.

Some of the information has been covered in earlier sources, but Amy has also revealed a few all-new facts:

  • Amy makes her first public acknowledgement of the original Shifter project.
  • Shifter's lead character "was essentially a fallen angel of death, a reaper of souls hunted by his former brethren, and now driven to expose and destroy the false god they all served". This character was not necessarily one and the same as Raziel; he was to "glide on the tattered remains of his wing-like coattails" (in contrast to Raziel's organic wings).
  • Shape-…
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LoK-Aevum LoK-Aevum 17 July 2013

Square Enix registers a domain named "warfornosgoth.com"

Hi internet, yes yes, we see it too. It has been reported all over the place that, last Thursday, Square Enix's registrars bought the rights to a new domain named warfornosgoth.com. Whatever this name signifies, it is almost certainly related in some way or another to the Legacy of Kain series (Nosgoth obviously being the setting/world of the games).

To recap on all the hubbub prior to this story, there has been a lot of talk since 2011 about a "Soul Reaver reboot", but literally no reliable evidence to confirm its existence. The blog VG24/7 continues to insist that Crystal Dynamics may be working on such a game, even though Crystal Dynamics has already told them that they are wrong.

Strictly speaking, there wasn't a war for Nosgoth in Legacy o…

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