Hi internet, yes yes, we see it too. It has been reported all over the place that, last Thursday, Square Enix's registrars bought the rights to a new domain named warfornosgoth.com. Whatever this name signifies, it is almost certainly related in some way or another to the Legacy of Kain series (Nosgoth obviously being the setting/world of the games).

To recap on all the hubbub prior to this story, there has been a lot of talk since 2011 about a "Soul Reaver reboot", but literally no reliable evidence to confirm its existence. The blog VG24/7 continues to insist that Crystal Dynamics may be working on such a game, even though Crystal Dynamics has already told them that they are wrong.

Strictly speaking, there wasn't a war for Nosgoth in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (it was more of a one-man vengeance quest), which may be implicit of doubt on the possibility that this domain is connected to a reboot of that game.

Actual wars for Nosgoth which exist in the current lore include the Battle of the Last Stand (Blood Omen), the vampire-Hylden war (distant backstory), the war between Kain's vampire army and the Sarafan (Blood Omen 2), and the nebulous wars between Kain and the humans during the rise of his empire (Soul Reaver backstory). On a more epic (and perhaps more sequel-friendly) scale, we might consider the inevitable showdown between Kain and the Elder God a war for Nosgoth - these events were reserved for the sequel to Legacy of Kain: Defiance which never came to fruition.

This remains "just" a domain name, and we have seen about a billion pointless rumours and red herrings before, so it's probably not really wise to indulge in any more speculation about the significance of this story unless there is a follow-up. --Dubiel (talk) 21:21, February 9, 2013 (UTC)

  • P.S. To all you news posters and lurkers who may be perplexed by our empty placeholder article here named war for Nosgoth - that is just our epithet for the aforementioned war between Kain's vampire army and the Sarafan at the start of Blood Omen 2. That particular conflict is not directly called the "war for Nosgoth" in the games, and it doesn't seem very likely to me that it would be the focus of a new Legacy of Kain project.
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