In the immediately foreseeable future, we intend to overhaul the graphic design of the wiki, replacing it with a new and (hopefully) sleeker interface. We have effectively remained with the current one for four years, and with the advances both in best design practices, our technical knowledge, and the prospects of more from the Legacy of Kain series alike over that time period, a change seems appropriate.

Though more minimalistic than our current style, I hope you will approve of it; it ought to enhance the focus on our content, and many subtle tweaks will perhaps prove more palatable to any readers with visual impairment.

While we will try to minimize disruption for our visitors, this is necessarily going to mean some mucking around with the active design as we test and revise aspects of the upcoming one. If the current user interface should suffer any strange or our-of-place-looking changes, or be temporarily disabled and replaced with a generic Wikia one, from time to time over the next few days or weeks, please don't panic – it won't last long and is for productive purposes.

It's likely that a few holdovers from the old design will continue to look adverse even after the main changeover to the new interface is done. Again, please bear with us, as we will most likely be aware of the issues at hand, and will continue working to fix them all as long as necessary. The content and functionality of the site will not be negatively affected whatsoever in the meantime.

Thanks, and vae victis! --LoK-Aevum (talk) 19:50, August 14, 2013 (UTC)

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