LoK-Aevum LoK-Aevum 6 April 2014

More Dead Sun concept art emerges

A veritable goldmine of concept artwork from cancelled game Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun has found its way to the Internet, alongside a few screenshots. Enjoy.

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LoK-Aevum LoK-Aevum 14 August 2013

Redesign announcement

In the immediately foreseeable future, we intend to overhaul the graphic design of the wiki, replacing it with a new and (hopefully) sleeker interface. We have effectively remained with the current one for four years, and with the advances both in best design practices, our technical knowledge, and the prospects of more from the Legacy of Kain series alike over that time period, a change seems appropriate.

Though more minimalistic than our current style, I hope you will approve of it; it ought to enhance the focus on our content, and many subtle tweaks will perhaps prove more palatable to any readers with visual impairment.

While we will try to minimize disruption for our visitors, this is necessarily going to mean some mucking around with the…

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LoK-Aevum LoK-Aevum 7 June 2013

"Nosgoth" news round-up coming

UPDATE: The new article on the upcoming multiplayer Legacy of Kain title is now up at Nosgoth (cancelled game). It largely speaks for itself, and little in the way of new information has happened since the original blog post, so I suppose we'll have to forget about that more extensive news round-up for now. In any case, we'll keep the article updated to the best of our ability.


ORIGINAL POST: Just a short post to say we are aware of today's announcement from VG247 and Square Enix's George Kelion that the project known as "Nosgoth" is indeed a game in development. Bear with us for a short while: we're currently gathering all available information, and will soon follow up with an article on the new title and a more extensive news post.

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LoK-Aevum LoK-Aevum 9 February 2013

Square Enix registers a domain named "warfornosgoth.com"

Hi internet, yes yes, we see it too. It has been reported all over the place that, last Thursday, Square Enix's registrars bought the rights to a new domain named warfornosgoth.com. Whatever this name signifies, it is almost certainly related in some way or another to the Legacy of Kain series (Nosgoth obviously being the setting/world of the games).

To recap on all the hubbub prior to this story, there has been a lot of talk since 2011 about a "Soul Reaver reboot", but literally no reliable evidence to confirm its existence. The blog VG24/7 continues to insist that Crystal Dynamics may be working on such a game, even though Crystal Dynamics has already told them that they are wrong.

Strictly speaking, there wasn't a war for Nosgoth in Legacy o…

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LoK-Aevum LoK-Aevum 12 October 2012

Amy Hennig discusses Soul Reaver

Ardeth Silvereni, the creator of our ever-superlative fellow fansite, Dark Chronicle, notified the community that the PlayStation Blog has a new interview with Amy Hennig concerning Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.

Some of the information has been covered in earlier sources, but Amy has also revealed a few all-new facts:

  • Amy makes her first public acknowledgement of the original Shifter project.
  • Shifter's lead character "was essentially a fallen angel of death, a reaper of souls hunted by his former brethren, and now driven to expose and destroy the false god they all served". This character was not necessarily one and the same as Raziel; he was to "glide on the tattered remains of his wing-like coattails" (in contrast to Raziel's organic wings).
  • Shape-…
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