As we roll towards yet another (probably unfulfilled) E3 season it's once again time to take stock of the situation.

Primarily the wiki work of late has been concentrated on Defiance enemies and enemy abilities, with updated articles on Sarafan archers (Defiance), Tentacles (enemies), Sarafan zealots, Sarafan templars, Sarafan inquisitors, Lesser shades, Greater shades, Vampire hunter mercenaries and Vampire hunter pillagers.

Ultimately for the future of the series that despite SE's recent attempts to induce interest from indie developers through the SE collective there is nothing currently in development at the moment: in the words of Phil Elliot ""there is nothing to say, unfortunately. Nobody came forward with a credible pitch, so there is nothing in development I'm afraid."". For now we may have to make do with the grains of hope in Denis Dyack's Deadhuas Sonata and the whispers of the 'behind-closed-doors' revival of Nosgoth - and the interesting similarities between them.

In other community news,The Hylden has released a Defiance retexture, Ben Lincoln has interviewed Denis Dyack, Glaswegian BR has interviewd Daniel Cabuco, Blood Omnicide and Soul Revenant composer Kyle Misko has released some of his new tracks on Youtube and Verok has released a patch to update Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain - providing the almost definitive modern experience of the game.

Probably the most interesting news was the discovery and publicizing of a number of Blood Omen and Soul Reaver developmental alpha and beta versions and the associated treasure trove of new discoveries within - this led to a slew of new articles at The Lost Worlds as follows:

Some videos from The Ancient's Den/Raina Audron:

Of course we got into the act as well, with a slew of new articles on the recently uncovered cut content including the Chess match, Force Shield, Magic Absorb, Repel Dungeon, Ghosts (enemies), Vampire hunters (water balloons) and the Robert Chang tests - as well as a host of smaller updates to existing articles such as the Chronoplast visions.

Until next time, enjoy Baziel (talk) 15:31, May 12, 2019 (UTC)

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