Raina Audron

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  • I live in Slovakia
  • I am Female
"My faith in destiny is all I need to prevail."

I have been a Legacy of Kain fan since I first read about Soul Reaver in PSM preview and played the Lighthouse demo. It is still my favourite game of the whole series and of all time. I got interested in the deleted stuff because of Blincoln´s The Lost Worlds which is one of my favourite LOK sites. Inspired by TLW, I´ve made a YouTube channel dedicated to LOK and show people the hidden/cut stuff which is accessible only through special tools (trainers, etc.). I also co-worked on LOK Fall of Nosgoth (WIP), LOK Revival (finished) and Soul Revenant (WIP). I am a Senior Moderator at Nosgoth´s official forums.

More info can be found on my blog.

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