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Hello there fellow LoK fan. This is Limaj_daas and I'm just another fan of the series. I've played each game the series at least once except Blood Omen but I understand the storyline to some extent. However, as life caught up with me I forgot about the series until about December 2009 at which point I sought to refresh my memory on the games so I played through them again. I came across the LoK wikia at this time and was quite disgusted by the amount of plagiarism, fanfic and misinformation that plagued this wikia. Needless to say, I tried my best to help out with everything. Most of this consists of writing and organizing articles since my coding skills are primitive to say the least.

Anyways, besides all that, I'm a musician and a finance student in university. In my spare time, I contribute to this wikia, make music and try to have a meaningful conversation with someone (and this one seems to get harder and harder as time goes by). So if you want to talk to or ask me about anything, don't hesitate.

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BO2 Story[edit | edit source]

I was working on this for quite a while so I thought I'd put this up. Its far from done but the emphasis was on covering as much of the story without being overly specific.

Background[edit | edit source]

Following Kain's refusal to sacrifice himself at the end of Blood Omen, the Pillars of Nosgoth were weakened severely. Consequently, the barrier raised by the Ancient vampires which banished the Hylden to the Demon Dimension was also weakened, allowing Hash'ak'gik, a Hylden, to enter Nosgoth.

Unaware of this, Kain pursued his dream of ruling Nogosth. He raised a formidable army and became an extremely powerful force in the land. Meanwhile, Hash'ak'gik learnt about the Sarafan, a defunct order that was dedicated to exterminating vampires. Seizing upon the opportunity and feeding on the growing resistance against vampires, Hash'ak'gik resurrected the order and declared and disguised himself the Sarafan Lord. A Sarafan army was raised consisting of humans but wielding forms of glyph magic, and it began to conquer Nosgoth.

The vampires responded accordingly. The focus of Kain's army was diverting from domination of Nosgoth to the extermination of the Sarafan. Vorador joined as Kain's right hand, with Marcus, Sebastian, and Faustus as lieutenants. The army started at the Pillars and went on to conquer Ziegsturhl, Provance and Freeport. In the final battle, which took place in the fortified city of Meridian, Kain's army faced the entire Sarafan Army, including the Sarafan Lord. The battle was rough and at its climax, Kain and the Sarafan Lord were fighting atop a hill. However, despite bearing the Soul Reaver, Kain was defeated and thrown down from the hilltop.

After the battle, the Sarafan attempted to takk over the rest of Nosgoth, hunting down every vampire while establishing a centralized and facistic rule over the land. Kain was presumed to be dead.

The Slums[edit | edit source]

Kain wakes up from a nightmare, suffering from amnesia. He is greeted by Umah, who is pleased to see him awake. Umah tells Kain that his awakening is a miracle since he was almost dead when he was found. She continues on, telling Kain that he's been asleep for 200 years and that he is in the sulms of Meridian. She informs him of the facistic rule of the Sarafan, the vampires that ally with them, and the the Cabal and her membership in it. She asks him to help them for their numbers are dwindling and the Sarafan are growing stronger. Kain approaches this offer cautiously, stating that "I seem to remember that I played the pawn once before. It ended badly." Umah manipulates Kain reminding him of his defeat and the need for vengence. Kain arrongantly claims to be able to kill the Sarafan Lord within the hour but Umah reminds him of his weakness.

Kain is taken out by Umah to the Slums in order to be trained. Kain is shocked to see how much the city has changed, commenting "This city is a labyrinth." Kain learns about Ward Gate , Dark Gifts, forms of Glyph Magic, Glyph Wrights and Thugs. However just as Umah is about to take Kain to the Cabal's Sanctuary , a Ward Gate comes to life, seperating the two and Umah is attacked by a Sarafan Guard. Umah hurriedly tells Kain to meet a contact at the Grand Hotel who will help him find the Smuggler's Tunnel which will lead to the Lower City. Immediately afterwards, Umah runs off into the distance, leaving Kain to fend for himself.

Eventually, Kain locates the Grand Hotel and finds the contact, Dimitri. After telling Kain of the humans' hate for the Sarafan, Dimitri opens a gate that leads to the Smuggler's Den. A figure wearing red robes in the distance stalks them. Dimitri begs Kain to tell Umah of his deed as he was promised the Dark Gift. Kain assures Dimitri that "Umah will give you all that you deserve." and heads off into the tunnel. Upon Kain's exit, the stalker jumps on Dimitri, killing him.

The Den[edit | edit source]

Upon exiting the passage, Kain arrives at the Smuggler's Den. He is greeted by Umah and notes that she escaped the guards. Umah says that "They were only human." and then introduces him to the Smuggler's Den. She calls the place "as squalid... as the slums... even more offensive." She informs Kain that thugs rule the streets and the Sarafan have dealings here. After telling Kain that a member of the Cabal at the Taven can help him find the Smuggler's Tunnel, Umah departs.

Kain roams the city trying to find his way to the tavern. He comes across a man being mugged and two thugs discussing ways to prevent capture from the Sarafan. Soon, Kain comes to the tavern and the contact calls him over. The contact tells Kain that the Smuggler's Tunnel is located in a cavern underground. To get to it, Kain will have to go past the Church, which is under thug control, and find a lift which will take him underground. As soon as Kain learns of this, he is noticed by the bartender who calls for the Sarafan. Kain however, escapes.

Beyond the Church, Kain encounters a Sarafan industry of sorts. He enters it and soon encounters Dimitri's murderer. It is Faustus. Fautus reveals his motives for serving the Sarafan as well as the Sarafan Lord's knowledge of Kain's awakening. After exchanging a few less than pleasant words, the two fight. Kain emerges victor after he burns Faustus with a furnace. Here, Kain inherits Faustus' dark gift of jump. Past the Sarafan industry, Kain reaches the Smuggler's Tunnel and exits towards the Lower City.

The Lower City[edit | edit source]

As Kain exits from the Smuggler's Tunnel, Umah is already waiting for him. She congratulates him on his success and mentions the leader of the Cabal. However, Kain is denied knowledge of the leader's identity. Umah tells Kain to find the tapster at the Red Raven pub as she will help him find the Sanctuary, where Kain can meet with the leader of the Cabal. Umah says she cannot make it to the meeting as she has to investigate the Industrial Quarter. As she leaves, Kain poinders as to why he places so much trust in her. From a distance, Umah once again congratulates him.

On his way to the pub, Kain overhears conversations about the city, including one which implied a renewed fear of vampires. Kain's way is blocked by a human named Duncan who refuses to let him through unless Kain tells him who he works for. Afterwards, Kain meets the tapster at Red Raven who tells him to "Seek the vendor for he has news for you." She also tells him to tell Duncan that he works for Ducket's Traders. As he exits the place, Kain hears a man voice his frustration with the Sarafan for kidnapping his wife and child.

On the way to Duncan, Kain hears a conversation about glyph wrights' ability to turn invisible and walk through walls. After getting past Duncan, Kain soon comes across a vendor across from a warehouse. Upon conversing with the vendor, a contact of the Cabal, Kain learns that the Sanctuary is under the Blue Lady shop.

On his way, Kain comes across a courtyard with remains of mutilated human beings. He encounters a vampire who seems to recognize him but Kain has no recollection of him. The vampire serves the Sarafan and tells Kain "How I would love to dispatch you here, and now. And yet, I am required elsewhere." The vampire leaps beyond Kain's reach and disappears into the night.

Kain soon finds the Blue Lady shop and goes down to the Sanctuary. Several vampires had been waiting for his arrival and Vorador, clearly their leader, stood in front of the pack. Kain, noting to himself not to trust him, sacastically refers to meeting Vorador as an honor. Just as Kain and Vorador are starting to converse, a vampire bursts into the room, bleeding profusely and breathing heavily. The vampire informed the company that Umah had discovered something important, but before she could tell him what it was, she was captured by Sarafan Knight and taken to the Sarafan Keep for public execution.

Vorador asks Kain to infiltrate the Sarafan Keep and save Umah. Kain, grudgingly, obliges. After being told to seek the Bishop of Meridian for access to the Sarafan Keep, Kain leaves the Sanctuary.

Upper City[edit | edit source]

Kain arrives in the Upper City disguised as a noble. Early on, he encounters another figure from the past, Marcus. Due to their seperation by gate, there is no physical fight. However, Marcus attempts to use his dark gift, charm, on Kain but fails. Although he could not control Kain's actions, Marcus temporarily could read his mind and through that, found out about Kain's need to speak with the Bishop. Marcus immediately heads towards the Bishop hoping to thwart Kain's efforts. On the way, Marcus sets clergymen, thugs, and Sarafan all against Kain.

Vorador whipsers to Kain, warning him that a curfew has been set in place and telling him that he needs to reach the Bishop's Manor. A while later, on Vorador's advice, Kain rings the clocktower bell signalling a shift change and manages to gain access to the the area surrounding the Manor. As he approaches the Manor, Kain overhears a conversation indication that all those who work for the Bishop have abandoned him and left his service due to the Sarafan raid.

Upon entering the Manor, Kain finds it to be overflowing with Sarafan Guards who have turned it upside down looking for the Bishop. Eventually, Kain comes across a man who is cowering in a passage behind a bookcase. The man reveals himself to be the Butler and tells Kain that the Bishop is in the Cathedral. Although he is initially reluctant, the butler eventually shows Kain the way into the Manor after being threatened.

Once inside the Cathedral, Kain finds the Bishop with ease. However, the Bishop appears to be unable to speak to Kain. Marcus emerges from the shadows telling Kain that because of his dark gift, the Bishop can only speak at his will. Angered, Kain approaches Magnus anticipating a fight. However, Magnus gives chase and it continues onto the rooftop of the Cathedral. However, the glass roof is shattered and the two fall down into the Cathedral and a fight ensues. Marcus uses his gift of invisibility to attack Kain secretly, but Kain rings the church bell, forcing Marcus to yield. After yet another chase on the upper level of the Cathedral, Kain defeats Marcus and throws him down to ground level, killing him.

After absorbing Marcus' dark gift, Kain speaks to the now freed Bishop. The Bishop takes Kain to the Keep and shows him a way into the Keep.

Sarafan Keep[edit | edit source]

Upon arriving from a secret passage to the Sarafan Keep, Kain is contacted by Vorador and told that Umah is being held on top of the Keep and that if Kain encounters the Sarafan Lord, he must run away immediately. Kain does not take kindly to the advice concerning the Sarafan Lord and disregards it as cowardice.

Kain makes his way thorough the Keep, and is assisted at one point by a lady who works for the Cabal. However, the Lady's assistance is not for charity as Kain is demanded to kill Artemis, a nobleman who sided with the Sarafan. Kain, after reluctantly carrying out the assassination, reaches Umah's prison at the top of the Keep and frees however, the Sarafan Lord stops them outside the prison. Here, Kain realizes that the Sarafan Lord has the Soul Reaver and attempts to fight the Sarafan Lord. However, before they are struck down, Umah teleports herself and Kain to the Sanctuary.

Back at the Sanctuary, Kain tells Vorador of his encounter and confesses that he underestimated the Sarafan Lord's strength. Umah then tells the vampires present about a place in the Industrial Quarter that houses a magic portal as well as the Nexus Stone. Kain pledges to fetch the stone as well as fight the Sarafan Lord for the Cabal.

The Industrial Quarter[edit | edit source]

Kain discovers the Industrial Quarter to be "a heavily guarded fortress". The increased defenses were a recent development. However, Kain manages to successfully infiltrate the Industrial Quarter though a residential building. Here, he is contacted by Vorador and told that the Nexus Stone is in the Main Factory, beyond the dam and he will have to take a gondola there. Vorador also alerts Kain to the presence of a nearby Vampire.

Making his way past the Dam into the Main Factory, Kain overhears Sebastian warning guards to Kain's presence. Kain, however, manages to make his way to the chamber where the Nexus Stone is kept. However, as he is about to pick it up, Sebastian confronts him and the two duel.

After a fierce duel, Kain kills Sebastian and gains the his dark gift Berserk too. However, in his dying words, Sebastian tells Kain about Nosgoth's coming doom and the The Device . Kain then rips the Nexus Stone out of its portal and triggers a series of explosions throughout the factory. In an attempt to save his life, Kain jumps from the nearest window and falls unconcious.

Saved by a Cabal vampire who happened to witness Kain's fall from the window, Kain wakes up in the Sanctuary. He expresses his astonishment at Vorador's decision to leave the Nexus Stone with Kain. In addition, Kain also tells Vorador of Sebastian's death and the Device. Vorador tells of his knowledge of the device: "Ancient legends that speak of huge machines deep in the earth left by Gods in eons past." However, he proposes to Kain that he visit the Seer who lives in the Canyons. Upon Kain's request, Vorador agrees to show him a way out of the city but warns him of strange beasts that people call demons.

Canyons[edit | edit source]

Kain arrives at the Canyons and overhears a conversation about how the roads have been infested by creatures and the bridge has been destroyed yet again. Bandits and smugglers also roam the canyon looking for warehouses to loot.

Further down the road, Kain stumbles upon a demon killing a Sarafan Knight. The demons have taken over much of the area and appear to be spider-like. They spin webs and trap humans inside them.

After crossing paths with many demons and passing through a glyph refinery whose employees had all been butchered, Kain finds the Seer's house.

The Seer greets him and although reluctant at first, grants Kain knowledge about the device. She also orders Kain to drink her blood in order to regain telekenesis, and upon doing so, Kain realizes that she is not a vampire. However, their conversation is cut short by the Hylden Lord's arrival. The Seer quickly teleports Kain away and soon teleports away herself to a different location, telling Kain that her "fate lies along a different path."

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