"As my agent, you are beyond death, Raziel. Your enemies cannot destroy you.
If you grow too weak, however, you will always be drawn here, to recover."
―The Elder God — Listen (file info)[src]

The Underworld, in the context of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, was a network of submerged caverns at the bottom of the Abyss and the Lake of the Dead, inhabited by the Elder God. It was where the Elder resurrected Raziel following Raziel's execution in the events of Soul Reaver.

The Underworld was one of several subterranean areas in Nosgoth into which the Elder God's body had encroached. In Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, it served as a hub area for Raziel's quest against Kain's empire: whenever his health coil was fully depleted in the Spectral Realm, he would be drawn here.


In Soul Reaver, the 'Underworld' is shown to be at the bottom of the Abyss, it is decorated with Soul Spiral and is apparently the permanent abode of the Elder God. Whenever he is weakened and his health is depleted, this is where Raziel returns to the Elder God. In the 'Underworld', Raziel can also gain enigmatic hints about his quest from the Elder. At the beginning of Soul Reaver, Raziel was treated to somewhat of a 'training level' in the Elder's Lair, as he was taught about Warp Gates, Souls and Soul Consumption, Jumping and Gliding, Sluagh, Planar Portals and the Spectral and Material Realms andVampiric Weaknesses.

In Defiance the 'Underworld' returns as where Raziel begins the game, he is trapped by the Elder God and eventually manages to escape to the cemetery, but is still trapped in the Spectral Realm



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It is unclear as to what the term the 'Underworld' actually means; in game dialogue suggests that that the Elder's Lair in Soul Reaver and Defiance is referred to as the Underworld, even though they are clearly separate geographical locations. Amy Hennig has suggested however that the term Underworld may be synonymous with the Spectral Realm. This is further complicated by the fact that neither of these locations can be entered in the Material Realm . Both are also underwater.

In Soul Reaver it is stated that if Raziel should 'die', he will return to the Elder's Lair. Although Raziel uses different checkpoints in Soul Reaver 2, (The Elder is however located in a similar underwater location) the rule does seem to hold true as his exertion at the End of Soul Reaver 2 leads to his imprisonment with the Elder at the start of Defiance, similarly after discovering the Spirit Forge and confronting the Elder there, Raziel's physical form is 'dissolved' by the Hylden Lord possessed Janos Audron and he returns to the place of his latest meeting with the Elder. It may be that after unusual trauma Raziel is forced to return to his creator, rather than any set location.

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