The Time-Stream is the flow of time, i.e. all past, present and future events. The Time-Stream is what determines "The continuum of history", and this is what makes history unalterable, since history is basically "immutable". If a change occurs (this can happen due to a paradox), the Time-Stream "accommodates" to the changed events. However, if the change is too big, the Time-Stream "eliminates" what caused the change, which would cause a fatal paradox. There are certain entities in the series that can see and understand the Time-Stream, either through their own ability or through other means, these include: the Guardian of Time , The Elder God and the Hylden. Whoever sees the Time-Stream, is said that see "The various weavings of time, wrapping, unfolding and refolding", and only a strong mind is able to process that information, normal humans would god mad. The Time-Stream grants "A certain level of Omniscience", since it allows to see whatever the user wants, be it in the past, present or future, it even allows to see other "Paths" of time (other timelines).

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