Thralls were an Undead Creature family featured in Soul Reaver 2.


Thralls were undead warriors, re-animated and tasked with eternally protecting the sacred places of the Ancient vampires against intrusion, rising from underground to confront Raziel as he approached[Soul Reaver 2 manual][Soul Reaver 2 strategy guide (Prima)][1]

Because of their role, Thralls were only seen in the shrines and forges sacred to the Ancient vampires; including the Dark Forge, Light Forge, Air Forge and Janos Audron's Retreat.


Thralls could be divided into three variant sub classes:


These ancient, undead warriors are charged to eternally guard Nosgoth's ancient shrines, and challenge any intruders. Some Thralls exhale projectiles at Raziel, and will strive to keep their distance, but will attack if cornered. Thralls sometimes carry emblem-keys which Raziel needs in order to progress.
―The Soul Reaver 2 manual[Soul Reaver 2 manual]




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