"Time fades even legend..."

The Lost Worlds is a Legacy of Kain fan website, founded and maintained by Ben "Blincoln" Lincoln.

The website is dedicated to documenting and preserving the deleted and altered material from the Legacy of Kain series of videogames. It is also a repository for the tools that are necessary to explore the remains of those 'Lost Worlds': for example, software that can extract and view game assets or enable debug menus.

The Lost Worlds has large sections covering each of the five games, detailing characters, locations, plot elements and any other aspects of the games that didn't make it from development to final release. It also has a section covering the cancelled game: The Dark Prophecy.

In 2003 The Lost Worlds was involved in an 'April Fools' joke played upon the Legacy of Kain fan community, announcing three new games were to be released.[1] Willow Ayala's character designs for one of these - Vehiculum Furtus Maximo - directly inspired the 'Toon Character Mode' version of Kain in Defiance.[2]


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