The City is a ubiquitous musical track which first appeared in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, composed by Kurt Harland.

It is also featured on the promotional material section of Soul Reaver 2.


This track starts playing as soon as Raziel enters the underwater tunnel leading to the bay of City. This track has all the standard variations present (normal, suspenseful, puzzle, danger and combat) as well as outdoors version. The Water Tower area is a unique area in the game, as it has its own variation of the City track, signifying its importance. Originally, this area housed a way for Raziel to enter the second pipe which would lead him to the temple of the vampire worshippers. However, it has no boss encounter theme unlike the other tracks, since the Priestess was cut from the game.

Certain elements of the City track have been reused in a Dark Forge track from Soul Reaver 2.


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