"This relic has infused you with the power to compress and manipulate space. As your symbiotic weapon, the Soul Reaver is also thus enhanced. You may focus and project an orb of kinetic energy to strike objects that are otherwise beyond your reach."
―Elder God[src]

Telekinetic Force Projectiles, also known as Force Projectiles, Force Bolts or simply Telekinesis, was a basic telekinetic ability acquired by Raziel in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and used subsequently in Soul Reaver 2.


Telekinetic Force projectiles were first featured as an earned ability in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, where the ability was apparently evolved with the telekinetic abilities of the vampire Turel and his clan, the Turelim, in the events of Soul Reaver.[Soul Reaver] When Raziel ventured into the Tomb of the Sarafan in Chapter 6, he discovered and fought Revived Adult Turelim, the Tomb Guardian. After he defeated the guardian a relic appeared, which granted Raziel the ability to fire telekinetic projectiles.[Soul Reaver/9] Once gained, the ability allowed Raziel to aim and shoot a bolt of compressed telekinetic energy when unarmed (used like regular the projectile attacks of standard weaponry), which could be used to interact with the environment by breaking windows or moving blocks and to temporarily stun enemies; though not kill them, unless knocked onto a nearby environmental hazard. The ability also upgraded the Wraith-blade in such a way that when armed with the Reaver, it would shoot similar Reaver Bolts - these were apparently stronger than the ordinary projectiles, but still lacked the ability to kill outright unless imbued with elemental Fire.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/9][Soul Reaver manual (US)][Soul Reaver manual (UK)][Soul Reaver strategy guide (Prima)] Raziel would continue to use the ability throughout Soul Reaver, initially using it to move a far away block and reach a passageway to the Drowned Abbey.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/9][Soul Reaver/10]

  • Soul Reaver 2 Force Projectile shot

Force Projectiles were retained in Soul Reaver 2 as an innate ability along with Reaver bolts. As before, Raziel could manually aim and shoot Telekinetic Force Projectiles to temporarily stun enemies or interact with certain objects or windows. If unarmed Raziel would fire ordinary force projectiles, but if armed with the Wraith Blade he would switch to firing Reaver bolts, several of which had their own special attributes.[Soul Reaver 2][Soul Reaver 2 manual][Soul Reaver 2 strategy guide (Prima)]

In Legacy of Kain: Defiance the telekinetic abilities of both Raziel and Kain are superseded and united as the common ability 'Telekinesis(TK)'. Raziel's TK is notably lessened and projectile based compared to Kain's, but would be upgraded by the death of Turel to become Enhanced telekinesis bringing Raziel's TK abilities level with Kain's. Reaver bolts were absent entirely. [Defiance][Defiance manual][Defiance strategy guide]


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