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Telekinesis was a Dark Gift used by Kain in Blood Omen 2. Kain gained the Dark Gift in Chapter 7:The Canyons after absorbing the veins of the Seer . Telekinesis was unusual as it was gained from a Hylden, rather than a Vampire.


Telekinesis was the ability to manipulate objects using the mind. This manifested in-game as a circular targeting reticle that was manually aimed. The reticle would automatically 'lock-on' when aimed at enemies or manipulatable objects within range. Ordinarily the reticle was purple in color (indicating no lock), but this would change to red in the presence of anenemy character or white with NPC 's. Once locked on, activating the ability would fire a 'telekinetic projectile' at the desired character, powerful enough to kill Human NPC's. Telekinesis was also able to lock onto manipulatable objects, most notably Glyph seals, when the reticle glowed white and when used, this would activate the mechanism (usually rotating the Glyph Seal). This type of usage was particularly seen in puzzles[1][2][Blood Omen 2].

Kain first gained this Dark Gift when he headed to the Seer's home in the Canyons. The Seer was able to provide Kain with information regarding the Device and illustrate the Glyph Seals that he would need to activate to enter the Device and control Hylden machinery from then on. To this end she persuaded Kain to drink her blood and he gained the Dark Gift Telekinesis.[3][4][5] Telekinesis is the only Dark Gift gained from a non-Vampire and the only one that did not require the original users death[Blood Omen 2].


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