Just found this Wiki by accident and I must say.. EXCELLENT JOB!!! =)

- F.M. - April/2010

Has everyone given up on this wiki? It's a shame because Legacy of Kain is a great series

I hope not. I also agree that Legacy of Kain is a great series and that this wikia for it is fantastic. Truly a wonderful contribution to the series. No matter what, lets try and keep this place going for all the fans and possible future ones. Making sure that the information is clear, true and detailed. Thank to all those who created and and contributed to it. 12:48, May 12, 2010 (UTC)

Seriously? I think most LOK fan community despairs of this wikia. I've tried to get you some help from the various LOK forums, but they're also less-than-impressed; It's full of speculation, fan fiction, inconsistencies, mis-spellings and frankly there's a lot of bullshit. If you're going to do a wikia at least ensure it's accurate. There are already LOK websites that deal accurately with the information: Nosgoth.net , www.thelostworlds.net and the LOK community's own encyclopedia www.dark-chronicle.co.uk (which is down at the moment for a change of web host) are generally considered to be the first stops. Sort it out people!!! 19:43, May 26, 2010 (UTC)

Your right. This place has many areas of at that need to be improved but you talk as if this place is irrelevant. I took a look at those websites you spoke of. Did you notice that they all do the same thing? They give information on the games, artwork, game walk-throughs, in-game hidden infortmation, deleted scenes, etc. Not one of them have a section devoted to character profiles and thats where this place comes in. This place is mostly for any and all, character profiles; and its a place were fans of all kinds are free to theorize and speculate. Thats what makes it necessary. Although you did have a point; the places that are supposed to be devoted to fact only have become a mix of fact, theory and speculation but we will sort that out in time (not too much time I hope). If your that doubtful about this place then please, why don't you help here? This place could do with people like you around :-D

What do you think? 13:14, May 27, 2010 (UTC)

I've been trying to help editing, but it's a mammoth task, I'm wondering if there are any administrators at all? I speak as if this place is irrelevant because that is the consensus of the main LOK forums (Nosgoth/Neogaf/Eidos) Seriously check out Dark-Chronicle when it's back up, and you will understand, It has all the character profiles you are looking for and has long been the established encyclopedia of the LOK fan community. Speculation, theory, fan-art and fan-fiction, has no place in a wiki article, either go to Nosgoth.net and submit to the excellent fan sections there; or alternatively use your forum and/or make your own fan section, just don't contaminate the encyclopedia with it.
I'm helping with your editing; but it is annoying when you're constantly going: "wrong, wrong, made-up, discredited theory, speculation, wrong" lol86.184.48.234 15:02, May 27, 2010 (UTC)


Hello! I am Kirkburn, and I help out Wikia with their gaming wikis.

If you are new to creating wikis I have created a short personal guide which you can find linked on my user page. Much more information can be found in Wikia's Category:Help!

I notice that there are few contributers to the site at the moment - I'm sure you would agree that you need more helpers. If you know of places to publicize the site (like forums) I recommend you let them know that everyone is welcome to help :)

Please feel free to ask me any questions you have on my Wikia User talk:Kirkburn page. Kirkburn (talk) 19:16, 17 July 2007 (UTC)

Yeah iv'e added two new pages but dont no how to display them in the all pages catorgary User:Captain-One

Pillar Guardians


oh yeah are there character inbox's for difrent species just wondering cause i cant figure it out User:Captain-One

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