New Cabal Empire and Ongoing EraEdit

Thought it might be best to bring this here, since the edit summary might have been a bit brief. I've undone the edits made to this page recently that stated that Kain, Vorador and the Cabal created a new empire after the Hylden Lord's death and that the Post-Blood Omen era was ongoing and not followed by the Soul Reaver era.

As far as I can tell, this scenario is not the case - unless I've missed a major source somewhere along the way which has greatly impacted the timeline.

For the reborn Cabal, we don't really have any clues as to what happened after the death of the Hylden Lord at the end of BO2. Janos is gone, the Cabal is dwindling and Vorador is at least heavily injured (although there was discussion he may have survived to have an ongoing role in the background for Dark Prophecy, those plans never saw fruition). The last indication we had was that Kain wanted to put down the Sarafan order and Umah claimed that he would eliminate the Cabal as the only threat to his power. Either way, we never see it and there's no official indication of what happened, so anything else is speculation.

For the 'ongoing' Blood Omen era, I can only assume there's been a misunderstanding. The Post-Blood Omen era is a historical era of Nosgoth as related in official timelines - it's effectively defined as the period between the collapse of the pillars (BO1) and the raising of the lieutenants (SR1). For the period to be 'ongoing' and not succeeded by the Soul Reaver era would create major paradoxes and scrub half the history we know - including the backstory of Raziel and the creation of the Reaver - which then has major effects on the entire timeline. We've been pretty much told in developer interviews that the events of SR1 (including the backstory of the raising of the lieutenants) do not change with the timeline shifts of SR2 and Defiance, so the Soul Reaver era still comes into fruition.
I can only surmise that this edit might have been due to the ongoing story of Kain at the end of Defiance, or even the younger Kain at the end of BO2 - both of whom are left standing in the PBOera, but this does not mean the era is 'ongoing' only that their stories in it may be - in which case we can add more to the page as we get it. The era itself will still be over after a few centuries and succeeded by the SRera.

Baziel (talk) 11:35, July 14, 2017 (UTC)

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