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Swordsmen Thralls were a Thrall variant enemy featured in Soul Reaver 2. They were Undead warriors who guarded Nosgoth's ancient shrines.


Swordsmen Thralls were Thrall warriors encountered in Soul Reaver 2. As with other thrall variants, Swordsmen Thralls were undead warriors, re-animated and tasked with eternally protecting the sacred places of the Ancient vampires against intrusion, rising from underground to confront Raziel as he approached[Soul Reaver 2 manual][Soul Reaver 2 strategy guide (Prima)].[1] Visually, Swordsmen Thralls were green-skinned, heavily decaying humanoids. They wore a distinctive horned helmet, dark shoulder pads and gloves, and a short red kilt[Soul Reaver 2].

Swordsmen Thralls were the 'regular' close-quarters attacking Thrall variants. In combat they were relatively fast-moving and both defensively and evasively proficient, though they were relatively weak. Swordsmen Thralls were armed with Short swords[Soul Reaver 2][Soul Reaver 2 manual][Soul Reaver 2 strategy guide (Prima)].[1]

Because of their role, Sorcerer Thralls were only seen in the shrines and forges sacred to the Ancient vampires. They were first encountered in the Dark Forge in the Pre-Blood Omen era; where along with being the 'regular' Thrall variant enemy, they were sometimes seen carrying Emblem keys necessary to open special emblem doors. Swordsmen Thralls were later seen in this era in the Light Forge and were encountered in the Era following Blood Omen in the Air Forge[Soul Reaver 2][Soul Reaver 2 strategy guide (Prima)].


  • Historically, Thralls were slaves in the Viking age of Scandinavia (and the root of the word "enthrall").
  • Similar "Thrall" enemies, arguably inspired by the same concept would later appear in Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider: Underworld, where 'Thralls' were undead enemies raised by the liquid "etir". These thralls had a notably similar appearance to Legacy of Kain thralls; with the "Viking Thralls" sharing particular traits with the Swordsmen Thralls.



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