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Superhuman Leap ,[1][2] also known as Jump or Superjump, was an ability used by Kain in Defiance. Kain began the game with this ability, perhaps implying it had been somehow developed from the Dark Gift Jump.

Superhuman Leap allowed Kain to jump vast distances horizontally, but could not be used to jump vertically, hence platforms jumped between had to be on the same level as one another. Kain could utilise Superhuman Leap whenever he found 'Super Jump Markers' [3] (red circles on the ground), Kain could then tense for the jump (by holding the regular 'jumping' button) and then use the Superhuman Leap to jump to another 'Super Jump Marker' in the distance. Kain could only jump a pre-determined course between two 'Super Jump Markers'.


Superhuman Leap is one of numerous 'Jumping' abilities seen throughout the Legacy of Kain series; most of the installments use 'jumping' as simple gameplay mechanic (with the exception of Blood Omen). In addition Blood Omen's Wolf Form allowed Kain to jump vertically, allowing him to jump over obstacles or jump up cliff faces.

Blood Omen 2 featured the Jump Dark Gift, gained from Faustus in Chapter 2:The Smuggler's Den . This gift functioned similarly to Superhuman Leap, but had much more 'freedom', allowing Kain to manually select where he landed and even perform a leaping attack on distant enemies. It is likely that the Superhuman Leap seen in Defiance is somehow developed from Jump seen in Blood Omen 2 (as Kain is not seen to re-gain the ability), though the Defiance gift has far less player control.


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