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Sunlight Glyph' or also known as the Lighthouse, is a musical track which first appeared in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, composed by Kurt Harland. The piece plays during Raziel´s venture into the bay area with a Lighthouse in the centre.

The track was originally composed to suit Turel´s Smokestack territory but after the area was cut, it was relocated to the Lighthouse area of the game. It is currently unknown if the track was originally meant to play in both areas (Similarly to the Pillars-Tomb, which plays in Pillars, the Sarafan Tomb and the Oracle´s Cave areas). The track´s codename is Morlock in the game´s code.


The Lighthouse music typically begins playing as soon as Raziel enters the end of the underwater tunnel leading to the Lighthouse from the outer walls of Silenced Cathedral. There are five standard variations of the track (normal, suspenseful, puzzle, danger, combat) and there is also an outdoors version of the suspenseful, danger and combat vartaions available.