The Sunlight Glyph is the final glyph that Raziel could acquire in Soul Reaver.


This glyph was found in The Sunlight Glyph Altar area. To obtain it, Raziel had to use a beam coming from a rotating lighthouse to illuminate a mural. Raziel had first to turn on the gas supply and then the large machinery by providing water supply to the bellows underground. That would cause the main shaft to spin, rotating the lighthouse´s beam. The beam would shine through a glass opening in the surrounding mountains and cause the altar to open slightly if illuminated. Raziel would have to switch to the spectral realm at the right moment to reveal a large gap with the Sunlight Glyph residing within.

It is the most expensive glyph Raziel could cast, as it required 10 points of Eldritch Energy. It could kill any vampires, although it did not do any damage to humans.



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