The Sunlight Forge was one of several Reaver forges available to Raziel during the development until the decision to cut all but Fire Forge was made. The forge would have enabled Raziel to imbue the Wraith Blade with Sunlight, creating the Sunlight Reaver and was originally placed near the Chapel in the Tomb of the Sarafan.


The Sunlight forge was one of several Reaver forges that were planned to be included in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. Ultimately the forges were incomplete and only the Fire forge appeared in the final game.

All forges had a standard layout with only the decor and forge instrument at the end having a different appearance. The Sunlight Forge was housed near the Chapel area and was replaced by "Bonus1" room covered by a stained glass window in the retail version. This forge was discovered in the alpha builds of Soul Reaver and several screenshots of it had been circulating in magazines. The forge itself had a stone receptacle with a beam of light being focused in the middle. Bathing the Reaver in this light would grant Raziel the Sunlight Reaver, capable of igniting the enemies.


The role of the cut forges was originally much larger. As the wraithblade lacked a finishing move, Raziel was unable to kill any vampires with just the basic wraithblade. Imbuing the Reaver in various elements gave it deadly properties and enemies would be killed just by striking them. Once the additional forges have been cut, developers have added a charging attack capable of destroying enemies, thus removing the reliance on Reaver´s elemental imbuing.


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