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Dark Chronicle: Two heroes collide[]

[Kain arrives at the entrance of the Cathedral. He is immediately confronted by Raziel, whose eyes periodically glow green.]
Raziel: Kain. Why is this no surprise?
Kain: Because our destinies run together, Raziel, like two rivers that have met and can never be distinct again. At your every fatal turn, you will find me.
Raziel: And the free will you said was mine, what has become of that?
Kain: You still have it. And that has everything to do with my presence here now.
Raziel: It was your machinations that set my destiny in motion. The coin you tossed has struck the earth. Now you must abide by its outcome.
Kain: The coin is still turning, Raziel. To reach the resolution we both can live with, that will best serve our futures, Janos Audron must not be raised.
Raziel: Because you do not wish it? Is my free will to be exercised only when it accords with your whim?
Kain: There is much more at stake in this than you know.
Raziel: Yes, and it is Janos who has the answers I desire.
Kain: You must trust me, Raziel. Our intentions – for Nosgoth, for our futures – are not so diverse.
Raziel: I must trust you – or?
Kain: I have not come here to threaten you, Raziel.
Raziel: You say that, while you hold in your hand the instrument of my doom?
[Kain 'sheathes' his sword so that his hands are empty.]
Kain: I saved you from the Reaver once. I have no intention of imprisoning you within the blade.
Raziel: At least not until the moment it serves your plans to do so.
Kain: You are not the only one at risk. I may carry the instrument of your destruction, but I, too, have taken a chance in coming here. Or haven't you realized – you bear the only weapon that can kill me.
[Raziel summons the wraith blade.]
Raziel: Then you know what I am – and who you are?
Kain: I believe I do.
Raziel: And still you think you can move me about like your pawn. Think again, Kain.
[Raziel feints at him. Kain dodges.]
Kain: Take heed, Raziel.
Raziel: Why? If we are who we are, then are we not destined to fight to the death, to decide the fate of Nosgoth?
Kain: Don't be a fool. I will not fight you.
Raziel: And that will be the prophesied heroes' battle? I win, because you will not fight me?
[Raziel feints at him again, a little more seriously this time.]
Raziel: The mighty Kain, Scion of Balance, would-be savior of Nosgoth, surrenders before the final battle even begins –
[He goes to strike again, but Kain pushes him off.]
Kain: Very well, if this will make you see reason –

Dark Chronicle: A deadly confrontation[]

[They fight. Kain beats Raziel to a point where he is at a momentary disadvantage, and Kain has a chance to reason with him. Kain holds the Reaver on him, to keep him still.]
Kain: (angrily)
Now – you will listen to me. The Heart of Darkness must remain undiscovered. Great harm will come of its use.
Raziel: (realizing)
You don't know where it is, do you?
Kain: No –
Raziel: – you never looked for it.
Kain: (growing impatient)
It doesn't matter, Raziel. Listen to me – you must understand that every creature is bound to one predestined path. We are all shackled –
Raziel: – to the Wheel of Fate. Believe me, I know that even better than you do.
[Kain ignores Raziel's interruption and continues his thought –]
Kain: All but one. Because of your re-making, you are the one unbound creature, the one among us all that truly has free will. You have a choice, Raziel –
Raziel: Which I'm sure I must make at your direction. Your pawn has reached the end of the board, Kain. And now my powers may even surpass yours. How ironic if the creature that you made should prove your own undoing. Now – we finish this. Once and for all.


  • In this chapter there are no pick-ups or items to gain and there is only one enemy - Raziel (Defiance boss).
  • Kain has the main objective "Prevent Raziel from raising Janos Audron". The official guide lists this objective and the chapter title as "Stop Raziel".
  • Stop Raziel is notably the shortest chapter of Defiance - consisting solely of Kain's perspective and boss battle against Raziel. Defiance scripts do contain excerpts which suggest the chapter may have been planned to have been longer - with Raziel and Kain originally mentioned as battling at Mortanius's chamber rather than the Main Avernus Cathedral area. This could imply a section following Kain's journey down through the Avernus Catacombs was cut and would also explain Kain's location change between Battle Kain and Return to the Guardian Citadel.