The Stone Reaver was a temporary elemental enhancement for the Wraith Blade that was planned for inclusion in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, but was ultimately cut due to time constraints.


The Stone Reaver was a temporary enhancement for the Wraith Blade associated with stone. It was intended to be discovered by Raziel in the Stone Forge, but both the forge and Reaver enhancement were ultimately cut due to time constraints.[1][2]

The blade would have been a temporary enhancement, though when lost it could presumably be re-imbued from boulders or other stone objects. The blade was intended to be have several special abilities; petrifying enemies in a single strike and shattering them with a finishing move which also caused area damage.[1]


  • Unlike other cut enhancements, the Stone Reaver is not present in any form in the retail version of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and it is not listed under the debug menu. However there are some pre-release images depicting a yellow-orange coloured Wraith Blade which is believed to represent the Stone Reaver.[1]
  • The Stone Reaver was a companion of the Stone Glyph still present in the game.[1]
  • The colour of the Stone Reaver is similar to that of the finished Fire Reaver, which started out a much more red reaver.[1]
  • The special abilities of the Stone Reaver appear to influence further games; the Water Reaver of Legacy of Kain: Defiance freezes enemies in the same manner as the Stone Reaver's petrification and the area effect damage sounds similar to the quake damage seen in Defiance's Earth Reaver[Defiance][Defiance strategy guide].

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