The Stone Glyph altar is located within the Nupraptor´s Retreat. It´s a medium sized area with block puzzles to solve and a Stone Glyph statue of a man with a hammer. By solving the puzzle, the statue comes to life and shatters the stone platform, releasing the Stone Glyph.


The Canyon Skull AreaEdit

Nupraptor's RetreatEdit

The Great StatueEdit


The Block puzzle of the Stone Glyph altar is actually more complicated in the Soul Reaver alphas, with more blocks present and some blocks needing to be used as platforms to transport other blocks. The "stnglph" statue is present in all three build but completion of the area causes a crash.


The room is adorned throughout with Egyptian like murals in the back. The main chamber mural depicts bald creatures feeding on what appears to look like a spiritual spiral energy. The central figure has wings but it is unknown what exactly this mural represents.



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