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The Stone Glyph was a Glyph spell acquired by Raziel in Soul Reaver.


The Stone Glyph was found in a hidden cave in the valley of Nupraptor's Retreat. Raziel had to fly from the jaw over to the mountain path, eventually leading into a cavern with two large braziers at its entrance. There were several decorated blocks scattered around the area and Raziel's goal was to fill in the holes in the wall to complete a mural. Behind the statue was also a backroom which contained more blocks needed for completing this puzzle segment. Once Raziel inserted all the decorated blocks into the corresponding holes, the statue in the middle of the room destroyed the stone altar, releasing the Stone Glyph.

Using the Stone glyph required Raziel to point his palms downwards and beams of light would emerge, shaking the ground violently. This caused an earthquake stunning any nearby standing enemies. Enemies would appear to be petrified and Raziel would need to strike them with the wraithblade, as no other weapon was capable of this. However, being stunned was only a temporary effect and enemies would regain their senses swiftly afterwards.



Soul Reaver Alpha - Glyphs

(by Raina Audron)

In the Soul Reaver alphas the Stone Glyph is a middle range glyph in terms of power compared to being one of the weaker ones in the retail. Like in the retail version the Stone Glyph altar can be found in Nupraptor's Retreat beyond the Necropolis

The Stone Glyph is represented on the alpha Ring menu by a square icon with a diagonal line across it and an even earlier version of this menu can be seen in video previews. In retail it has a stylized square-diamond design inside a circle.

The effect of the Glyph also changes: in the alpha Raziel raises one fist and slams it on the ground producing a whit horizontal shockwave and shaking the screen, while in retail he jump and extends his arms shooting lightning down and stomping his feet as he lands which produces multiple shockwaves.

Raziel slams his fist into the floor, causing a localized earthquake effect. All enemies in the affected area are reduced to a damaged state by the violence of the spell's effect. Raziel can now easily inflict fatal blows on any damaged vampires. While technically weaker than some of the later glyph spells (since it only damages enemies, but doesn't kill them), it has a larger range of effect.
―Steve Starvis (Eidos)[1]