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Stealth Kills were a game mechanic featured in Blood Omen 2 based on the Mist Dark Gift .

Kain was given his first lesson on Stealth Kills by Umah's tutorial in Chapter 1: The Slums, when he was first introduced to the Mist Dark Gift.[1][2] As with the usage of Mist in Blood Omen 2, Kain could use floor-hugging vapour to hide his presence and enable him to sneak up on enemies from behind; when autofaced, a skull icon would appear above the target's head, and Kain would perform a quick (and often gory) one hit kill[3][Blood Omen 2]Certain enemies, notably the Sarafan Glyph guards and Glyph knights had special armour that could detect a vampire nearby - they weren't able to see Kain (unless he moved directly in front of them), but it did make stealth kills much harder to perform upon them, if not impossible[4][5][6]

Types of Stealth Kill[]

Stealth Kills varied depending upon the weapon that Kain was holding and each 'weapon' had two Stealth Kills (one using just the "action button", the other combining the "action button" with the "direction buttons").

Stealth Kills
Weapon Default Stealth Kill Variant Stealth Kill
Claws Heart Rip Neck Crank
Clubs Decapitation Downward Smash
Daggers Throat Slit 'Slasher' Backwards Throat Stab
Long swords Abdomen Slice 'Slasher' Backwards Throat Stab
Scepters Decapitation Downward Smash
Long axes Decapitation Jumping Downward Smash
Broadswords Decapitation Jumping Downward Smash
Double-bladed swords Spinning Backwards Stab 'Slasher' Backwards Throat Stab
Scimitars Abdomen Slice 'Slasher' Backwards Throat Stab
Short axes Decapitation Downward Smash
Cutlass Abdomen Slice 'Slasher' Backwards Throat Stab
Soul Reaver Decapitation Jumping Downward Smash


  • The mist form was not originally to have been in Blood Omen 2, which instead would have featured a 'Stealth ' Dark Gift which enabled stealth kills anywhere, it is likely this was changed to the classic Mist ability for issues of balance.[2][7]
  • Similar weapon variants, as well as sharing moves in common, tend to share the same stealth kills - 'Instant Kill' weapons (The Broadsword, Long Axe and Soul Reaver) have a Decapitation and a Jumping Downward Smash Stealth Kill; Club Variants (The Club and Scepter) have a Decapitation and Downward Smash Stealth Kill (a stealth-kill moveset shared by the Short Axe); and Long Sword Variants (the Long Sword, Cutlass and Scimitar) have an Abdomen Slice and a 'Slasher' Backwards Throat Stab[Blood Omen 2].
  • The only weapon whose moveset and stealth kills are unknown is the Leaf Bladed Sword.[8] As the leaf bladed sword is suspected to be a long-sword variant (hinted at by its debug title) it may be that it also has the Abdomen Slice/'Slasher' Backwards Throat Stab Stealth Kills of the other long sword variants[Blood Omen 2].

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