The Spirit Reaver was an elemental enhancement for the Wraith Blade. Of Ancient vampire origin, it was intended to be gained by Raziel in Soul Reaver 2 but ended up being cut due to time constraints.

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Discussing abilities planned for Raziel to earn in a May 2000 interview concerning Soul Reaver 2, Amy Hennig commented on the development of the Wraith Blade enhancements:

"right now there's seven elemental Reaver enhancements that you can find, that you have to find. This is stuff that we wanted to have in the first game, but there was just too much, we couldn't do it all. So things like Earth Reaver, Air Reaver, Water Reaver, Fire Reaver, that kind of thing. There's seven of those, and then seven enhancements of those enhancements."
Amy Hennig[1]

As well as confirming the presence of "nine additional spell-type things", she caveated this information, saying it "could change", "based on our schedule and what we're going to have to adjust as we go".[1]

The Spirit symbol in the Sub-Pillars dais texture

The Spirit Reaver was one of these enhancements. An upgrade for the Wraith Blade associated with elemental Spirit, it was intended to be discovered by Raziel in the Spirit Forge somewhen in the latter stages of Soul Reaver 2. As with Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver however, the locations related to this enhancement were not completed in time and were ultimately removed from the final game[2] and the final version of Soul Reaver 2 featured only four of the seven planned Reaver enhancements and their associated forges.[Soul Reaver 2][Soul Reaver 2/3][Soul Reaver 2/4][Soul Reaver 2/6][Soul Reaver 2/8] Despite the removal of the forge and its enhancement, the Spirit symbol can still be observed in game on the dais of the Subterranean Pillars Chamber.[Soul Reaver 2] The Spirit Reaver would ultimately make an appearance in a more permanent form in Legacy of Kain: Defiance.[Defiance/12][Defiance][2]

The specifics of the usage of the Spirit Reaver are largely unknown, though it is likely (as in the case of the Reaver enhancements that are present) that the abilities and appearance of the Spirit Reaver would have matched those of its more permanent successor in Defiance;[2] with the Spirit Reaver Reaver an 'all-powerful' white/pale-blue enhancement, gained last and replacing Raziel's previous Reavers.[Defiance][Defiance strategy guide][3] One ability that is known is a 'hookshot' ability used in the Spectral Realm (missing from the Defiance Spirit Reaver) which would have allowed Raziel to teleport to distant locations using a Reaver bolt. These abilities suggest that like the Amplified Reaver before it and the Spirit Reaver that succeeded it, the Spirit Reaver would have been an 'all-powerful' final weapon, accessible in both realms and replacing previous Reaver enhancements.[2]

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