The Spirit Reaver was a temporary elemental enhancement for the Wraith Blade that was planned for inclusion in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, but was ultimately cut due to time constraints.

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The Spirit Reaver was a temporary enhancement for the Wraith Blade associated with elemental Spirit. It was intended to be discovered by Raziel, but the Reaver enhancement were ultimately cut due to time constraints[1][2] along with the companion Spirit Glyph[3].

The blade would have been a temporary enhancement, though when lost it could be re-imbued from enemies Souls. The blade was intended to be have several special abilities; "destroying" enemies in a single strike or Force bolt[1].

The Spirit Reaver was present in the Soul Reaver alphas publicized in 2020 where it is a bright green blade. The forge for the blade was located in the Citadel. The blade could kill enemies with one strike or projectile and its usage prevented Raziel from feeding on enemies souls.

Unlike other cut enhancements, the Spirit Reaver is not present in any form in the retail version of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and it is not listed under the debug menu. The place of the Spirit Reaver was ultimately taken in the retail version by the Kain Reaver[1].

Once Raziel has visited the Spirit Forge and baptized the Reaver in the elemental altar, the blade has the potential to be imbued with spirit wherever it appears in the environment. Once manifest in the material plane, the blade can be imbued with spirit by striking any fleeing soul with it. (Note - the soul is absorbed into the Reaver, so Raziel can't get any health benefit from it, but he shouldn't need it if the Reaver is active).

A single blow with the Spirit Reaver blade, or impact with a Spirit Reaver projectile, destroys the affected enemy.

―Steve Starvis (Eidos)[4]

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