The Spirit Forge was a deleted elemental Reaver forge that was intended to feature in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. The forge would have allowed Raziel to imbue the Wraith Blade with elemental Spirit allowing him to forge the Spirit Reaver. Both the forge and its accompanying enhancement were cut due to time constraints.


The Spirit Forge was one of many elemental Reaver forges that were supposed to make an appearance in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.The forge was a special chamber where Raziel would be able to imbue the Wraith blade with elemental Spirit to forge the Spirit Reaver enhancement. Due to the time constraints, all of the other forges were cut and only the Fire forge remained in the final version, with both the Spirit Reaver and Spirit forge removed.

Despite its removal, the Spirit Reaver enhancement itself is present in the Debug menus of the retail game and can be activated through these means. The forge itself is not present in any capacity in the retail or beta version of the game, however, it was present in the alpha version of the game publicised in 2020, which revealed that the forge was originally found in the near the upper part of the City, “City2”, leading into “City3”. The forge itself is labelled as “City4” and found in the game´s code as “mforge”.

This chamber was fully textured with the City textures and it contained a strange metal mechanism at its end. It is presumed that you would have to possess a human and make him walk into the pedestal, thus sacrificing his soul to the machine (potential nod to the Spirit forges in Blood Omen). The Spirit Reaver killed enemies in one hit but devoured their souls in the process making sure Raziel was unable to feed.


In the retail version, the corridor leading to the forge is still there, however, “City4” has been replaced with a room which houses an eldritch energy upgrade. Curiously, it is a circular room with texture set from Kain´s Mountain Retreat.


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