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The Sound Glyph is the third Glyph Spell that was acquired by Raziel. To obtain it, Raziel needed to have the Phase Through Gates, Scale Walls and telekinetic force projectiles ability. 


The Sound Glyph shrine was located underneath the Silenced Catherdral.  It required 4 points of eldritch energy to use. When cast, Raziel slammed his hands together and an ultrasonic wave would stun all nearby vampires. This glyph merely stunned vampires, humans remained unaffected.



Soul Reaver Alpha - Glyphs

(by Raina Audron)

In the Soul Reaver alphas the Sound Glyph is a much more powerful glyph rather than in the middle range as it is in retail. The Sound glyph altar is one that changes location - in the alpha it is found in a cave between the Sanctuary of the Clans and the Tomb of the Sarafan, whereas in retail it's beneath the Silenced Cathedral

The Sound Glyph is illustrated on the alpha Ring Menu by an icon with a set of curving bands in a triangular shape representing sound waves - but also strikingly similar to modern wi-fi symbols - an even earlier version of this menu can be seen in video previews. In retail it has a stylized musical note design inside a circle.

The effect of the Glyph also changes: in the alpha Raziel merely extends his arms producing a transparent ring of expanding energy, while in retail crosses his arms to 'power up' while blue energy rings contract in and then claps his hands producing a lighting strike and an expanding transparent ring of energy.

Deadly (to vampires) waves of sound emanate out from the spell's epicenter - vampires that are struck by the expanding waves of sound are disrupted, shattering them like crystal. Humans are unaffected.
―Steve Starvis (Eidos)[1]


The Sound Glyph was originally intended to be much more powerful, as seen in the Soul Reaver beta versions. Its shockwave actually killed the stunned vampires. This feature is described in the manual but was cut from the retail version of the game.