The Sound Forge was a deleted elemental Reaver forge that was intended to feature in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. The forge would have allowed Raziel to imbue the Wraith Blade with elemental Sound allowing him to forge the Sound Reaver. Ultimately both the forge and its accompanying enhancement were cut due to time constraints.

Development[edit | edit source]

The Sound Forge was one of many elemental Reaver forges that were supposed to make an appearance in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.The forge was a special chamber where Raziel would be able to imbue the Wraith blade with elemental Sound to forge the Sound Reaver enhancement. Due to the time constraints, all of the other forges were cut and only the Fire forge remained in the final version, with both the Sound Reaver and Sound forge removed.

Although not featured in the final game several promotional articles in magazines in the run-up to the release of the title mentioned the various deleted enhancements, with the Sound Reaver itself specifically described and its properties laid out. Despite its removal the Sound Reaver enhancement itself is present in the Debug menus of the retail game and can be activated through these means.

The forge itself is not present in any capacity in the retail or beta version of the game, however it was present in the alpha version of the game publicised in 2020, which revealed that the forge was originally found in the upper areas of the Silenced Cathedral in a chamber that comes off the side of ”Cathy42”.

The chamber itself was unfinished even in the alpha and consisted of an untextured version of the Sunlight Forge - appearing as an elongated rectangular room with plain cream colored walls. At the far end of the chamber the forge itself was positioned, this was a plain cream replica of the 'lens' and 'sunbeam' apparatus found in the Sunlight forge. Although functional and leading to an imbuement cutscene, no Reaver enhancement was given for forging the blade but upon manual activation through Debug menus the Sound Reaver could be re-imbued from the forge.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Sound Forge and Sound Reaver were companions to the Sound Glyph and Sound Glyph Altar still present in the game. The Glyph altar notably is also related to the Silenced Cathedral in the retail version of the game - appearing in a cavern directly underneath the lower areas of the Cathedral. However the altar is known to have moved during development and was originally placed in a cave nearby the Sanctuary of the Clans - and may have been moved to the Cathedral to cater for the removal of the forge. Both the Sound Glyph and the Sound Forge were only accessible with Shift At Will ability.
  • Developer comments have suggested that the elemental Reaver forges and other optional collectables were not originally intended to be so optional and would instead have been items that were intended to be collected along the route of the story. Although the Sound forge is positioned along the route to reach the top of the Cathedral it is likely to have actually been one of the last enhancements to be gained - requiring Shift At Will to access and positioned on the alpha Debug menu as one of the later acquired Reavers.
  • Although none of the forges are identified in game the forge is labelled in coding as ”msound”. The room itself is labelled as ”Cathy44”.
  • When used the forge gives a 'forging' cutscene but does not activate the enhancement. It is necessary to manually activate the enhancement through the debug menu and use the forge again - which gives a short 'tapping' reimbueing animation and activates the sound Reaver. This suggests that at this time the coding to activate the sound Reaver upon completion of the forge had not been implemented, although reimbument mechanics had been - the area notably contains several Bells - which are said to be one of the primary reimbuing methods - although these are not functional.

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