The "Urban" cathedral.

"Urban" is the codename for the area seen in screenshots of the earliest-known prototype of Soul Reaver 2 - the proof-of-concept for the original PlayStation. Imagery of Urban was discovered on Casto Vocal's website by Divine Shadow in 2010. No areas particularly similar to Urban are present in the final game.[1]

Screenshots of Urban depict Raziel traveling around a city with stone and redbrick architecture, akin to the City. Most images show him without the Soul Reaver equipped, and one depicts him using a Glyph. Urban's most prominent feature is a massive cathedral accompanied by a bell tower.[2]

The cathedral's interior contains an altar which closely resembles the one seen in Avernus Cathedral in Legacy of Kain: Defiance. As such, it was believed that "Urban" was the earliest 3D recreation of the city of Avernus, which first appeared in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain.[1][2] Commenting on the 'Urban' area in 2013, Daniel Cabuco revealed that the area in fact represented "Uschtenheim... Supposed to be a lot going on there.. and we cut it because our producer was walking behind us with a baseball bat screaming about teamwork... ". Cabuco's comments also imply that the area was planned to be updated to later hardware and included in the Uschtenheim area featured in Soul Reaver 2, but was ultimately unfinished and cut.[3]

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