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Das Offizielle Lösungsbuch for Soul Reaver 2 is the German-language official strategy guide for Soul Reaver 2 published by Eidos Interactive (Deutschland).


  • Editorial
  • Basics
    • Locations & Map
    • Gameplay & Abilities
    • Combat
    • Enemies
  • Full Walkthrough (with large screenshots and explanations)
  • Exclusive interview with Amy Hennig
  • Credits
  • Controls


  • Soul Reaver 2 - Das Offizielle Lösungsbuch continues the trend set in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver - Das Offizielle Lösungsbuch of being a generally higher production quality than its English language counterpart and having a more user-friendly walkthrough section containing larger images and more of them. It does however lack the hand drawn artwork and players aids seen in its predecessor and perhaps lacks the breadth of content found in its counterpart. The guide also features a multitude of concept art, rendered images and promotional artwork and features an exclusive interview with series director Amy Hennig which is not found elsewhere.
  • Patrick Dowling is credited as the author of the guide and the credits list a number of individuals and organisations responsible for the guide, including crediting the Crystal Dynamics team.
  • A number of screenshots in the guide appear to be brighter than in the retail version, though it is unclear if this is due to an earlier version of the game before the correct lighting was implemented, or whether the game had been artificially brightened.
  • ISBN 3933917123