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The Slums were a playable location in Blood Omen 2, the oldest part of the City of Meridian, Welcome to Meridian takes place entirely in the Slums.


At the beginning of Blood Omen 2, Kain awoke in a building in the Slums, looked after by the Cabal Vampire Umah.[1] With Kain having lost much of his powers and abilities from Blood Omen, Umah used the narrow, darkened and Sarafan-neglected streets of the Slums to train Kain [2](during this 'tutorial', Umah would teach Kain about the Whisper, Basic Jumping, Floating, Feeding, Blood, Lore, Basic Combat and Kain's Fury and Mist Dark Gifts) progressing through the Slums, Kain would also encounter his first Ward Gate, Glyph magic and glyph wrights [Blood Omen 2].

Travelling towards Sanctuary (in The Lower City), Kain and Umah were split up when, shortly after passing the Slums Marketplace,[3] they ran into a Sarafan Glyph guards who activated a Ward Gate, preventing access across the bridge to the Lower City and separating the two Vampires.[4] Umah led the guard away, advising Kain to meet a Human Cabal Contact at the Grand Hotel,[5] who would lead Kain to the Smuggler's Den where he would be able to find the Smuggler's Tunnel and a hidden entrance to the Lower City.[6] As Kain left the Slums the Cabal Contact was killed by the hiding Faustus, who followed Kain to the Smuggler's Den[Blood Omen 2].

Notable Locations[]

The Grand Hotel[]

The Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel was a building in the Slums of Meridian in Blood Omen 2, it was used as a meeting point between Kain and a Cabal Agent .

In Chapter 1 of Blood Omen 2, Kain was separated from Umah by a Glyph guard and a Ward Gate . Knowing that Kain would have to make his way to Sanctuary in the Lower City, Umah sent for several Cabal contacts to direct Kain through the Smuggler's Den and the Smuggler's Tunnel.[5] Kain met the first of these contacts at the Grand Hotel at the end of the Slums.[7]

The Grand Hotel was a tall building resembling early skyscrapers, it had a large double staircase and a small fountain outside, perhaps indicative of a better standard of living than the rest of the Slums. The hotel was apparently 'protected' by two large gates that may have served to keep the undesirables of the area away[Blood Omen 2].

The contact Kain met here was murdered by Faustus after opening Kain's way to the Smuggler's Den.[8][9]


  • The tall skyscraper-style Grand Hotel is more evidence for the advancements in technology that the Sarafan have brought to Nosgoth. The top of the building is not shown in the video where the hotel is seen, but Kain clearly angles his head as if looking at a very tall building[Blood Omen 2].
  • The Grand Hotel seems oddly out of place sandwiched between the Slums and the Smuggler's Den. It's grand appearance and apparent minor fortifications may mean that, like much of the slums, the Hotel has probably seen better days[Blood Omen 2].
  • It is unknown who the Hotel would cater for, but it's existence may be evidence that travel (through trade or tourism) may have become more popular as technology increased, just as it did in the real world.


  • The Slums are (according to Umah) the oldest part of Meridian,[2] but only the Sarafan Keep is present in the map showing the Era following Blood Omen rise of Kain's vampire army in the Blood Omen 2 introduction FMV;[10] perhaps suggesting that the Slums were not the oldest part of Meridian per se, but the first development of oridnary human settlement around the existing fortress.
  • Later era following Blood Omen maps suggest that The Slums are located on an island (along with the Smuggler's Den) separated from the main city by a body of water, which could only be traversed by bridge[3][10] (or the secret Smuggler's Tunnel[6]). Dialogue from the Slums residents suggest the Sarafan frequently close off access to the Lower City at night.[11]
  • Parts of the Blood Omen 2 opening video (that were not 'flashbacks') were set in a building which was likely in the Slums.[1]
  • The Icon-Wikipedia.pngSlums, as suggested by their name, are the most run-down area of Meridian, with poor housing and "squalid" conditions.[12] As with 'traditional' real-world slums it appears that the Slums were the oldest part of the city of Meridian[2] that apparently deteriorated as dwellers moved on to different, or newer parts of the city (such as the Upper and Lower Cities). The Slums do feature a diverse variety of locations[13][Blood Omen 2], perhaps backing up the Slums status as the heart of old Meridian.[2] Kain comes across Docks, Canals, Sewers, A Cemetery and a Town Square/Marketplace and the Grand Hotel, all of which have 'seen better days', indeed most of the doorways seen in the Slums are boarded up[Blood Omen 2].
  • The Slums features several recurring Industrial themes, notably, the level begins near a Lighthouse and features several times in the background a set of 'Smokestacks', both of which may hark back to Soul Reaver . The Slums also features numerous factory-style buildings. Although it is the 'lowest level' of the city of Meridian, there are signs of the advanced industrial/Glyph Magic technology around; the Slums features Cranes working along its docks and within the level there are four large 'boilers' apparently powered by Glyph magic, one of which is knocked over. Several of the blocked off houses notably contain 'Glyph lights'[Blood Omen 2].
  • The Cabal Contact in the Slums is known as "Dimitri" in some scripts.[14][15]
  • The Slums appear to have the most areas that can be explored with Bonus mode; with the area featuring several rooftops, balconies and areas that can only be accessed with the later Dark Gifts provided by the Bonus Mode. As with other Bonus mode extras, there are no particular rewards to these areas beyond exploration. Later levels noticeably feature less obvious 'Bonus Mode' rewards[Blood Omen 2].


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