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Slaves were a type of Non-Playable Character featured in Blood Omen 2.


Slaves were the Human workforce of the era following Blood Omen Hylden incursion into Nosgoth. They were largely confined to areas of the highest Hylden activity like the Device and the Hylden City, away from human eyes, where they could be used as forced labour. Slaves could be either gender, though they were noticeably male dominated (and female Slaves often used Peasant character models)[Blood Omen 2].

Throughout Blood Omen 2 Kain heard NPC conversations hinting that several of Meridian's citizens had 'gone missing' leaving no trace as to their whereabouts. As Kain investigated the Device, he found that many humans had been brought to the Device as slave labour for the Hylden.[1] Though Kain could use Charm on them, they were perhaps the least talkative of the Blood Omen 2 NPC classes as they did not engage in any conversation[Blood Omen 2].

After he reached the Hylden City, Kain discovered that the Hylden had been using humans as slaves in the city for some time, as they even had their own creation myths. Slaves in the Hylden City were more talkative than their device counterparts, actively aiding Kain by describing the layout of the city,[2] once it was revealed he was "making war on the demons"[3] (some of them had even attempted escape[4]); with new slaves being brought to the Hylden City on a regular basis. Slaves in the Hylden City could often be seen using Peasant character models, perhaps indicating those that had recently been brought in from the mainland[Blood Omen 2].


  • The main male NPC slave class are generally labelled as "slav" in debug information; other slaves (those that share Peasant character models) are tagged as "psnt" (Peasants). Unusually, the male Slave NPC featured in a cutscene with Kain and a Peasant female is also labelled "psnt"[Blood Omen 2]. As with other NPC classes, Prima's Official Blood Omen 2 Guide largely does not distinguish the Slave class, calling them simply "humans";[5] it does however on occasion give them a "human worker" title.[6][7]
  • Dialogue from Slaves in the Hylden City says that many of the Slaves have been isolated from the rest of humanity so long that they have their own creation myths (illustrating how long the Hylden have had a foothold back in Nosgoth), they also mention that the ships coming to the Hylden City bring new "soft" slaves (presumably from Meridian or the rest of Nosgoth), who are unaware of "the demons".[2]
  • Throughout Blood Omen 2, it was hinted that many of Meridian's citizen's were 'going missing' (including the somewhat ambiguous fates of the minor unseen characters Cadmus, Jack and Plunkett)[Blood Omen 2]. In Chapter 10:the Wharves, Kain found several NPC characters in cages, apparently shortly after their capture, awaiting transport to the Hylden City.[8] Given later slave dialogue, it is probable that many of those who went missing were captured and taken to the Hylden City (or the Device) to be used as the new "soft" Slaves by the Hylden.[2]
  • Comments made by Hylden scientists in the Hylden City may suggest that the Hylden have been taking Slaves from the human populace since a very early stage in their evolutionary history and may have a large influence on human history.[9]
  • The Slaves seen in the Device were originally to have played a bigger role in Kain's destruction of the Device.[10] In the original design they would have been much more talkative and would have given Kain hints to help progress the level as well as 'passing on messages' to further slaves in the Device (part of this feature seems to survive in the Hylden City level where some slaves are well aware of Kain's "war on the demons"[3]). Other deleted dialogue from them suggests that their 'minds' are 'drained' of 'life' (presumably to feed the Mass) and that some machinery in the Device is used to turn them into Demons. Kain's line "Tell them Kain is coming" from Blood Omen 2 Trailers was to have featured here.[11]


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