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Dialogue: Avernus Cathedral[]

Raziel (V. O.): Somewhere in this great Cathedral, the Heart of Darkness lay concealed. The city outside was in chaos, and the Cathedral would not be immune for long. During such times, buried secrets were often suddenly revealed – or lost forever.

Dark Chronicle: Mural: The Wheel of Fate[]

Raziel (V. O.): I had seen this symbol throughout these ruins. I should have realized what it was they worshipped. Now there was no question. For this scene depicted the ancient Vampires' torment and despair as their curse cast them from the Wheel of Fate. So this was the god whose abandonment had driven them to madness and suicide. Finally I understood – it was not their blood-thirst, but their immortality that was the true nature of their enemies' curse. The wisest, strongest, most noble race – gulled by the voice of that old parasite. But I had seen him – and whatever he was, he was no god.

Dialogue: The Vampire Citadel's Earth Forge[]

[Raziel confronts the ancient Vampire Energy and Time Guardians.]
Energy Guardian: All upon the Wheel are blessed...
Time Guardian: Rejoice in the turning of the Wheel...
Energy Guardian: It does turn, though we cannot see it...
Raziel: Your Wheel is a lie.
Energy Guardian: You will turn the Wheel...
Time Guardian: Come...
Energy Guardian: Die...
[Raziel defeats the Guardians and returns to the material realm.]
Raziel (V. O.): This spirit vessel was shielded by layers of occult energy. There had to be some means to dispel this barrier...
[Raziel acquires the Earth Reaver.]
Raziel (V. O.): As the Reaver absorbed the souls of the original Energy and Time Guardians, it was imbued with the elemental power of Earth with which their principles were aligned.

Dialogue: Avernus Cathedral[]

[Raziel finds a tome of Dark Scripture within the Cathedral. Upon returning it to the cathedral's main altar, the building physically begins to warp, becoming dark and malevolent. A portal manifests in the center of the room.]
Raziel (V. O.): As the handsome coffin hides the putrefying corpse within, the great Cathedral of Avernus seemed to hold its own secrets, hidden in the catacombs beneath its vaulted chambers. Was this the source of the corruption that infected Nosgoth? Vorador had hinted at something more.

Dark Chronicle: Mural: History is written by the victors[]

Raziel (V. O.): History is written by the victors. Beneath the vaults of Avernus I discovered scenes that told a familiar story, but from a very different point of view. This was the work of the enemy race, and revealed what the Vampire histories had conveniently omitted – how the noble Vampires, god-ridden and righteous, had started the wars that would destroy both races – victor and vanquished alike. Their adversaries opposed the Vampires' god, and refused to submit to the Wheel of Fate. For this they were banished. I now understood the poetic irony of their curse. And my resemblance to the Vampires' enemy no longer seemed so accidental.

Dark Chronicle: Mural: The Hylden messiah[]

Raziel (V. O.): The banished race foretold a hero who would deliver them from their oppressors, and destroy the shackles of the Vampires' tyrannous god. The same hero that bore the flaming sword. What game was this, where every player on the board claimed the same pawn?
[The Elder God's voice fills Raziel's head.]
Elder God: So, Raziel... your true nature is finally revealed. You were never the Vampires' savior – it is to the Hylden race you belong. And when Kain realizes this, what do you think he will do?...

Dark Chronicle: Dark rites in the Avernus catacombs[]

[Raziel begins to hear chanting and liturgy – not so far from here, a dark ritual is taking place.]
worshippers: Hash'ak'gik! Hash'ak'gik! Hash'ak'gik!
Mortanius: Great Hash'ak'gik, we hear you.
worshippers: We tremble and we obey.
Mortanius: We offer this sacrifice upon the altar of the world.
worshippers: The blood of our first born do we sacrifice to you.
[There is a pause while the officiant performs the sacrifice off-screen. Raziel moves from the darkness of the passage into the open altar area of the Avernus catacombs.]
Raziel (V. O.): In the depths of Avernus Cathedral I stumbled upon a bloody ritual. Was this the source of the corruption that had overtaken the city?
[He sees Mortanius officiating at the sacrifice. Some worshippers are visible, but most of the crowd is hidden from sight.]
Mortanius: May this blood nourish you for all eternity.
worshippers: Avert your wrath from us, great God.
Mortanius: The wrath of Hash'ak'gik has once more been averted. Depart now, as ever, in his service.
worshippers: We tremble, and we obey. Praise to Hash'ak'gik, and ever praise!
worshippers: Hash'ak'gik! Hash'ak'gik! Hash'ak'gik!

Dark Chronicle: Reunion[]

[From his position near the edge of the pit, Raziel glances down to see if he can see what's below.]
Raziel (V. O.): What was it that these deluded humans worshipped with such fervor? Was this the dreaded 'Unspoken' that Vorador had warned me about?
[Suddenly, Raziel is seized by some invisible force. Raziel tries to resist, but he is pulled inescapably to the edge, and down into the pit. Raziel lands in nightmarish darkness – even in the gloom he can see that the pit is littered with the bones of hundreds of sacrifices, and encrusted with their blood. As he recovers himself, and his eyes adjust to the darkness, we hear the heavy footsteps of some large beast moving closer.]
Raziel (V. O.): Whatever so-called god inhabited this hideous pit – I was about to meet it.
[A large shape begins to shuffle out of the darkness toward Raziel. As the god of the pit moves into the light, we see its horrible features for the first time. It is massive and monstrous, moving slowly toward Raziel on disturbingly-jointed limbs, and smelling the air with its horrible snout.
At the edge of the pit, Raziel sidesteps stealthily, to move away from the creature's path. Its ears twitch in response, as if he hears even this small sound, and he adjusts to track Raziel. Raziel stops when he realizes the creature can hear him.
Turel continues to approach as he speaks.]
Turel: I smell no blood...
[With every booming step, the floor shakes. He addresses his worshippers in anger, looking up out of the pit toward the altar and walkways above.]
Turel: Throat cut first, blood gouting, then it falls into the pit... The sacrifice is rejected. You will know my wrath –
[It's apparent that the beast is almost completely blind, relying almost solely on its acute hearing and sense of smell. The monster approaches Raziel until they are face to face, Raziel dwarfed by its massive size. The beast sniffs at Raziel curiously –]
Turel: Not possible. No. It could not be –
[Raziel summons the wraith blade.]
Raziel: Stand away, monster.
Turel: No. That voice – not possible. I know that voice... but he fell. The abyss, he ended there.
[Raziel grows increasingly suspicious –]
Raziel: I did not fall into the abyss.
Turel: Oh, it remembers that, does it?
Raziel: I was thrown in, by my own brethren.
Turel: I heard what you did to them... And now you have found me at last.
[Raziel has been surmising throughout the previous exchange that this might be his final brother, inexplicably here, in this pit. Still, he can hardly believe it when Turel reveals himself –]
Raziel: ...Turel.
Turel: (laughs)
Turel. Yes. That was my name then.
Raziel: The others were grotesque, but –
Turel: (proudly)
Yes – I am changed. I have become a god. Greater than you ever were, Raziel. You were never a god. Greater even than Kain!
Raziel: It is to you that these humans offer their blood sacrifices?
Turel: (imitating/mocking the worshippers)
"Hash'ak'gik...Hash'ak'gik..." Yes.
Raziel: But how did this happen?...
Turel: I was summoned. There was darkness, and great hunger. And then I was... found.
Raziel: Why do you stay in this terrible place?
Turel: Why stay? Would I remain if I could get out? While they hound me and tear at me and –
[Turel suddenly convulses, and Raziel recognizes the familiar behavior of a creature possessed by the unseen enemies that have been hounding his every step. Raziel raises the wraith blade as Turel becomes possessed.]
Hylden 1: The hour is at hand.
Hylden 2: As it was foretold.
Raziel: Turel?
Hylden 3: We use his voice to command the disciples above.
Hylden 2: We demand offerings to keep the host alive.
Hylden 1: He has been a durable vessel, but he can take us no further.
[Turel strains to fight possession. The Hylden continue more urgently. They're losing control of Turel –]
Turel: You must prevail. The champion of our enemy draws near.
[Turel fights off his possessors.]
Turel: No! I must have blood –
Bring me blood, or feel the wrath of your god. You – yours – yes – it will strengthen me against them –
Raziel: (steely)
What are you doing?
Turel: No—no more questions. No more worship. Time to run – time to scream – time to die...
[A battle ensues.]

Dark Chronicle: The Death of Turel[]

[When Raziel is victorious, Turel flails in agony, and then collapses, dying. Raziel approaches and stands before him. Turel "looks" at Raziel almost with satisfaction, urging him –]
Turel: Yes, now...
Hylden 1: Go - speed your endeavor –
Hylden 2: Face him – and kill him –
Hylden 1: Destroy the Binding at last...
Hylden 3: We shall all be...
[The Hylden appear to lose their grip on Turel as he dies; the green fire fades from his eyes, and he reaches out toward Raziel –]
Turel: Free...
[Turel dies, and his soul energy flies out of him, into Raziel. Raziel is blasted by the energy as it streams into him. Hylden energy flows out of Turel and into Raziel as well. This energy hits Raziel differently, and he reacts as he absorbs it, doubling over. As he straightens up, his eyes briefly burn with green fire, then fade back to normal.]

Dark Chronicle: Mortanius's redemption[]

[Mortanius stands in the center of an arcane magical circle, similar to the one at the Pillars, but darker in intention. His back is to Raziel. He speaks as though addressing someone far away, through telepathic sorcery.]
Mortanius: Come to me, my undead son. Make haste to the Pillars – the stage is set for the grand finale. You will have your vengeance.
[The symbols fade, and Mortanius crumples slightly, as though exhausted.]
Raziel: Mortanius.
[Mortanius turns, removing the deaths-head mask he wears as the Guardian of Death, and confronts Raziel. He looks at Raziel with suspicious interest. Strangely, he has a satisfied smile on his face.]
Mortanius: So you have come out into the open, at last – the Binding must be fragile indeed. But you will find you are too late.
Raziel: (sarcastic)
What am I too late for this time?
[Mortanius convulses as he feels himself becoming possessed. He fights it –]
Mortanius: (as though speaking to the entity)
No. No – not now –
[Mortanius recovers himself. His cynical smile returns.]
Mortanius: You are too late for the victory you sought. I have beaten you after all.
Raziel: You have mistaken my identity.
Mortanius: Have I? You forget who schooled me in the ancient prophecies –
[Mortanius is possessed again suddenly. He fights it, but this time he loses.]
Possessed Mortanius: (convulses, then speaks)
This vessel speaks truly – you are indeed overdue. But it no longer matters in the least. With or without you – we will prevail.
Raziel (V. O.): So I finally meet the 'Unspoken' – and here it is, nestled in the heart of the Circle itself. Ironic.
Possessed Mortanius: (laughs softly)
Poetic justice, to topple the foundations of the Pillars from within. We shall have our revenge, in full measure, and for all time.
[Mortanius fights back, almost dislodging him. The Possessed Mortanius pauses.]
Possessed Mortanius: Ah... this one has little strength left. One must not break him –
[Mortanius returns to himself, and staggers backward onto a seat. Breathing hard, he smiles grimly at Raziel.]
Mortanius: (short, grim laugh)
Your kind does not like to lose.
[Raziel presses on with some urgency given Mortanius's current condition.]
Raziel: I seek the Heart of Darkness.
Mortanius: Ah, now you think of that. But as I told you, you are too late. The Heart has served its function. I have used it to set prophecy in motion. I created the champion foretold by my masters, who is destined to be your destroyer. The Scion of Balance will save Nosgoth – the Pillars will return to vampire guardianship as intended, and your race will be cast down forever.
Raziel: Kain. You used the Heart of Darkness to create Kain.
Mortanius: How else? I refused at first to believe the ancient myths. I thought the vampires were simply a plague upon mankind, a pestilence we had to control. But they were right, and we were wrong to overthrow them – Moebius and I. We didn't understand what it was the Pillars were holding back. I have made my atonement. I will continue to make it to the end, which will be soon, now. But I know – Kain will set it right, he will restore Balance –
[He fights against possession again.]
Mortanius: And none too soon. My enemy is growing stronger.
Raziel: Where is the Heart of Darkness now? Did you destroy it?
Mortanius: (laughs softly)
You still don't understand, do you. You cannot make use of it as long as Kain guards it with his life.
Raziel: (confused)
Kain – has it?
(then, realizing)
It is in Kain!
Mortanius: Check and mate. This deed will redeem first me and then all Nosgoth. It must, it – unh –
[He is possessed again.]
Possessed Mortanius: This one grows weak. But we will soon have a stronger vessel. The long-awaited hour approaches – our release is at hand –
[Mortanius returns with a groan.]
Mortanius: Ah... I must – finish it. Now
[Mortanius resumes his death-mask and employs the magic of the circle to teleport away to the Pillars, where he will meet the young Kain, and die. Raziel is left alone in the chamber, in shock at what he's just discovered.]