Known eventsEdit

Before Nosgoth's recorded historyEdit

(Accountable span of several millennia; minimum of 3000 years)[annotation 1]

  • The ancient vampires' civilization crumbles. Their bloodline trickles away, until Janos Audron is left the sole surviving member of his original race.[Soul Reaver 2/3][Soul Reaver 2/3]

Nosgoth's early historyEdit

(Span of ~450 years)

  • Nosgoth's vampire population increases, incurring the attention of the Circle.[2][Blood Omen/6]

Pre-Blood Omen eraEdit

(Span of ~50 years)

  • Devastated by William's murder, the people of William's realm swear a vengeful covenant to their fallen king, promising to eradicate Nosgoth's vampires once and for all.[Blood Omen/Miscellaneous]
  • (~20) The Elder Kain emerges from the events of Soul Reaver, and makes his way to the Pillars, to await Raziel.[Soul Reaver 2/2][Soul Reaver 2/1][Soul Reaver 2/Prologue]
    • Wiki-Icon-SR2 Moebius snatches Raziel from the time-stream, and conveys him to the time-streaming chamber in the Sarafan Stronghold. Moebius attempts to fuel Raziel's hatred for Kain and the vampires.[Soul Reaver 2/1]
    • Wiki-Icon-SR2 In William's chapel, Raziel discovers the broken Soul Reaver, causing a Reaver-convergence. The Wraith Blade leeches Raziel's soul energy to restore the damaged physical sword. Raziel threatens Moebius with the Soul Reaver, but stays his hand, and leaves the reconstituted weapon behind.[Soul Reaver 2/1]
    • Wiki-Icon-SR2 Before leaving the Stronghold to meet Kain at the Pillars, Raziel encounters a mural recording the life of Janos Audron, demonizing him as a predator who terrorized Uschtenheim's population.[Soul Reaver 2/1]
    • Possessing Mortanius's body, the Dark Entity murders Ariel. Kain, her successor as Guardian of Balance, is born to an aristocratic family.[2][3][7]
    • Wiki-Icon-SR2 The corruption of the Pillars: Nupraptor, Ariel's lover, finds her corpse and realises that Mortanius was responsible for her death. Overwhelmed with grief and suspicions of treachery, Nupraptor plunges into madness, unleashing a psychic onslaught directed at the entire Circle of Nine. Throughout all Nosgoth, the minds of the sensitive and intellectual are blasted by waves of hatred. The Circle is permanently left mentally corrupted, and the Pillars physically crack and corrode.[2][5][Blood Omen/2] Raziel and the Elder Kain both witness this event from the Pillars' clearing.[Soul Reaver 2/2]
    • Wiki-Icon-SR2 Using the Wraith Blade, Raziel unlocks the Subterranean Pillars Chamber for the first time in centuries, and discovers the ancient vampires' murals within. He meets the Elder God again, who insists that he destroy Kain and the vampires.[Soul Reaver 2/2][Soul Reaver 2/2]
    • Wiki-Icon-SR2 In the Swamp, Raziel solves the Dark Forge to obtain the Dark Reaver, and meets Vorador. They discuss the vampire purges, the corruption of the Pillars, the Reaver, and Janos Audron.[Soul Reaver 2/3][Soul Reaver 2/2]
    • Wiki-Icon-SR2 On his return journey to the Stronghold, Raziel begins to denounce the Elder God. He solves the Light Forge, and obtains the Light Reaver.[Soul Reaver 2/3][Soul Reaver 2/4]
    • Wiki-Icon-SR2 The second paradox: At William's chapel, Raziel meets the Elder Kain, and takes up the Soul Reaver. A Reaver-convergence begins. Here, Raziel is destined to murder Kain.[Soul Reaver 2/5]
    • Raziel kills the Elder Kain with the Soul Reaver at the chapel, and history proceeds as normal.
  • The insane and deranged Guardians unleash their powers against Nosgoth, with malicious intent. Anarcrothe, Bane and DeJoule create the Dark Eden. Azimuth begins indiscriminately summoning malevolent demons and creatures in numerous cities, leaving the populace at their mercy. Nupraptor practices self-mutilation, sewing his own eyes and lips shut, and terrorizes pilgrims who journey to his retreat near Vasserbünde.[3][5][8][9][Blood Omen/7][Blood Omen/3]
  • King Ottmar of Willendorf holds a contest to celebrate his daughter's birthday, offering a royal favor to the creator of the finest doll in the realm. Among hundreds of submissions, Elzevir the Dollmaker (location)|Elzevir the Dollmaker entry is proclaimed the winner. Elzevir takes a lock of the Princess' hair in payment.[Blood Omen/9][10]
  • By now, the vampire race has been devastated by the crusades of Moebius's mercenary army, and Vorador is among the last survivors of his kind.[Blood Omen/11]

Blood Omen eraEdit

(Span of ~1 year)

Post-Blood Omen eraEdit

(Span of ~500 years)

Soul Reaver eraEdit

(Accountable span of ~1500 years)

  • (At an indeterminate point "centuries" before ~1500) In defiance of Kain's empire, human architects construct what will become the Silenced Cathedral, in hopes of wiping out the vampire race by blasting a deadly hymn across Nosgoth.[Soul Reaver/6][Soul Reaver/7]
    • At an indeterminate point during or after its construction, the vampires (chiefly Zephon and the Zephonim) slaughter the Cathedral's inhabitants and take it for their own.[Soul Reaver/6][Soul Reaver/7]
  • Growing increasingly bored over time, Kain and the lieutenants pit the lesser vampires of the empire against each other for their own amusement. The Council is formally founded.[11]
  • ("Centuries" before ~1500, and most likely before ~1000) Dumah and the Dumahim retreat into Nosgoth's northern wilderness. The mountain stronghold which will later become known as Ash Village is constructed, and becomes home to the Dumahim.[Soul Reaver/12][Soul Reaver/13]
  • (~1000) While feeding on a female, Raziel suddenly realizes his captive is not human. She reveals herself to be a construct of the elder gods, and tells Raziel of his imminent destiny to be destroyed in the Abyss and reborn to exact revenge on Kain. Raziel slaughters the construct and burns her remains.[Soul Reaver comic]
    • Icon-SR1 Kain and the Council meet at the Sanctuary of the Clans. Raziel reveals his wings, which are brutally ripped from his body by Kain.[2][3][Soul Reaver/1]
    • Icon-SR1 Raziel's execution: The members of the Council travel to the Lake of the Dead, where, on Kain's orders, Dumah and Turel cast Raziel into the Abyss. Turel assumes Raziel's former position as the empire's second-in-command.[2][Soul Reaver/1][Soul Reaver manual (UK)]
  • Whether eradicated by Kain or absented for other reasons, Raziel's clan ostensibly disappears from Nosgoth. Raziel's Clan Territory becomes derelict.[Soul Reaver/3]
  • Nosgoth is increasingly wracked by cataclysms as a result of the Pillars' destruction and the vampires' practices, and its landscape becomes significantly warped over time. As part of these upheavals, the Abbey is drowned by deluges, and the Tomb of the Sarafan is exposed and becomes accessible.[Soul Reaver/10][Soul Reaver/2][Soul Reaver/9]
  • Kain's surviving lieutenants and their clans continue to devolve. They become practically unrecognizable as the centuries pass.[Soul Reaver/1][Soul Reaver/2]
    • Becoming increasingly ghoul-like to their own displeasure, Melchiah and the Melchahim relocate to the Necropolis, and begin replenishing their ranks from the long-dead corpses therein.[Soul Reaver/4]
    • Becoming increasingly spider-like, Zephon's body gradually becomes one with the Silenced Cathedral.[Soul Reaver/8]
    • Becoming increasingly piscatorial, Rahab and the Rahabim gradually overcome their natural vulnerability to water, gaining the ability to swim. They retreat from the surface to dwell in the Drowned Abbey.[Soul Reaver/10][Soul Reaver/11]
  • ("Centuries" before ~1500, but after ~1000) The vampire hunters launch a successful surprise attack on Dumah's mountain stronghold, decimating the Dumahim, and slaying Dumah himself.[Soul Reaver/12][Soul Reaver/13]
  • Rahab is personally informed by Kain that he is destined to die at Raziel's hands.[Soul Reaver/11]
  • (During, or shortly before, ~1500) Vampire hunters attack the Silenced Cathedral, and are repelled by the Zephonim. One makes it to Zephon's lair with a flamethrower, but is severed in half by Zephon.[Soul Reaver/8]
  • (~1500) Icon-SR1 After suffering relentless agony in the Abyss, Raziel is resurrected as a wraith by the Elder God. Now the Elder's symbiotic agent, he is obliged to destroy Kain and his brethren in his quest for vengeance.[2][Soul Reaver/1]
    • Icon-SR1 Guided out of the Underworld by the Elder God, Raziel explores the wasteland of Nosgoth. Beyond the Sanctuary of the Clans and the Abyss, he is enraged to discover his clan territory desolate, his clan apparently dead.[Soul Reaver/2][Soul Reaver/3]
    • Icon-SR1 Witnessing Melchahim murdering a human, Raziel pervades the Necropolis, and reaches Melchiah's lair. He kills Melchiah and devours his soul, attaining the ability to phase through gates.[Soul Reaver/4][Soul Reaver/5]
    • Icon-SR1 At the Elder God's urging, Raziel infiltrates the Sanctuary of the Clans, and encounters Kain awaiting him at the Pillars of Nosgoth. They battle, and Kain strikes Raziel with the Soul Reaver. The Soul Reaver shatters on impact. Satisfied at this outcome, Kain departs.[2][Soul Reaver/6]
    • Icon-SR1 Raziel succumbs to his wounds and slips into the Spectral Realm, where he inextricably bonds with the spirit liberated from the Soul Reaver - the Wraith Blade. He meets Ariel, who agrees to conspire with him in ensuring Kain's destruction.[2][Soul Reaver/6]
    • Icon-SR1 Raziel ascends the Silenced Cathedral and reaches Zephon's lair. Using the deceased vampire hunter's flamethrower and Zephon's eggs, he immolates Zephon. By consuming Zephon's soul, he gains the ability to scale walls.[Soul Reaver/7][Soul Reaver/8]
    • Icon-SR1 Raziel infiltrates the Tomb of the Sarafan, and rediscovers the Council's forgotten heritage as the former leaders of the Sarafan brotherhood. Beneath the Tomb, he destroys the Tomb Guardian and obtains the telekinetic force projectile ability.[Soul Reaver/9]
    • Icon-SR1 In the Drowned Abbey, Raziel makes use of sunlight to destroy Rahab, and gains the ability to swim from devouring his brother's soul.[Soul Reaver/10][Soul Reaver/11]
    • Icon-SR1 Raziel reaches Dumah's throne room, and pulls the stakes from Dumah's chest, reviving him. Luring Dumah to a Furnace, Raziel destroys him and devours his soul, attaining the constrict ability.[Soul Reaver/12][Soul Reaver/13]
    • Icon-SR1 In pursuit of Kain, Raziel journeys through the Oracle's Cave and into the Chronoplast. He witnesses his own recent past and potential future in the Chronoplast visions.[Soul Reaver/14][Soul Reaver/15]
    • Icon-SR1Wiki-Icon-SR2 Raziel reaches the heart of the Chronoplast complex, where Kain awaits. He battles, but fails to defeat, Kain, who activates the Chronoplast's portal, and passes through to the pre-Blood Omen era. Raziel follows.[2][Soul Reaver 2/Prologue][Soul Reaver/15]

(Total span of at least ~5500 years)[annotation 1]


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