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Sarafan Warrior Swordsmen were a Sarafan variant enemy encountered by Raziel in Nosgoth's early history at climax of Soul Reaver 2. Sarafan Warrior Swordsmen were armed with the Sarafan Longsword.


Sarafan Warrior Swordsmen were troops of the Sarafan faction, encountered by Raziel in Nosgoth's early history at the climax of Soul Reaver 2. They were clothed in a red tunic or chain mail and wore golden trimmed armor and helmets as well as purple gloves and knee-pads. They wielded Long Swords with a Sarafan symbol at the hilt[Soul Reaver 2].

Sarafan Swordsmen were the short range fighters of the Sarafan, excelling in close-quarters combat. They were ruthless and skilled enemies, though slower and with less range than their Pikemen allies, they were arguably more powerful with a range of deadly sword attacks. Swordsmen were often assisted in combat by long-range Sorceresses.[1][Soul Reaver 2 manual][Soul Reaver 2 strategy guide (Prima)][2]

Sarafan Swordsmen were encountered only in Nosgoth's early history, shortly after Raziel emerged from the Time streaming chamber in the Swamp. They were first seen along with other Sarafan troops in the Mountains and in nearby Uschtenheim. They would later be fought in the Swamp, nearby the Pillars and Shrine area and at the Sarafan Stronghold[Soul Reaver 2].


  • Three of the final Sarafan commander bosses (Zephon, Rahab and Raziel) were armed with Sarafan Swords, making their move-set also comparable to the Sarafan Swordsmen; though the commanders had health, attack power and defensive capabilities far surpassing their minor comrades[Soul Reaver 2].
  • The Sarafan Warriors of Soul Reaver 2 wear armor reminiscent of real-world Roman military clothing. With Defiance's Sarafan chapters taking place some years later, the armor of the Sarafan classes was evolved to a more Crusader-like style for that game.[3]



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