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Sarafan Warrior Sorceresses, also known as Sarafan Priestesses or simply Sorceresses, were a Sarafan enemy class featured in Soul Reaver 2, they were 'spell casters' who attacked with ranged projectiles. They were encountered after Raziel returned to Nosgoth's early history.


Sarafan Warrior Sorceresses were spell-casting troops of the Sarafan encountered by Raziel in Nosgoth's early history at the climax of Soul Reaver 2. They wore a charcoal tunic, with golden and purple features, as well as small white armor sections. Sorceresses were entirely female and distinctively they all had shaven heads. They were generally seen supporting other Sarafan troops, attacking with fast moving 'fireballs' from a distance[Soul Reaver 2][1][Soul Reaver 2 manual].

Sorceresses were the ranged-attacking troops of the Sarafan faction. In combat they would remain at a distance and shoot magical fireballs at Raziel from long-range to assist their allies. They had no close combat attacks and if an enemy came too close they would flee and cry for their Sarafan brothers to guard them; in this state they were too fast to strike whilst in autoface and Raziel had to chase them and attempt to strike them on the move, or use a Force Projectile or Reaver Bolt. Sorceresses were incredibly weak and could be killed by a single Force Bolt or two weapon strikes[Soul Reaver 2][1][Soul Reaver 2 strategy guide (Prima)].[2]

Sorceresses were encountered only in Nosgoth's early history, shortly after Raziel emerged from the Time streaming chamber in the swamp. They were first seen along with other Sarafan troops in the mountains area nearby Uschtenheim and Janos Audron's Retreat, they would later be fought nearby the Pillars and Shrine area and at the Sarafan Stronghold[Soul Reaver 2].


  • The Sarafan sorceresses notably wear the same 'sash' beneath the waist (with identical symbols) as commander Melchiah; even including Melchiah's clan symbol[Soul Reaver 2].
  • In Daniel Cabuco's Portfolio, he refers to the Sarafan Warrior Sorceresses as "Sarafan Priestess".[4]



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